The 2014 Winter Olympics are officially underway in Sochi, Russia, with journalists from all over the world settling in for two weeks of intense competit -- holy shit, why is there a pack of stray dogs in my room? And where, exactly, am I supposed to sleep because there is no furniture? And why is my computer not work -- oh my god, I've been hacked! I've been hacked and I've only been in the country for two hours!

Ok, so a few, um...minor glitches in the planning department, it seems - at least according to the hilarious new Twitter handle @SochiProblems, which has racked up more than 100,000 followers in two days for its aggregation of the disgusting, baffling and even life-threatening obstacles faced by journalists as they navigate their way through a city where working doorknobs apparently aren't a huge priority. Check out some of the highlights in our handy little roundup below, and then please, please pray for those poor dogs because the government is literally murdering them.