Our own Ryan McGee wasn't a particular fan of last night's "Grow a Guy" sketch on "SNL," but it seems to have been one of the more popular bits amongst viewers on social media. The Mike O'Brien-directed video short was certainly one of the oddest things on last night's show - and certainly not as immediate as, say, "Jingle Ballerz" or the "Star Wars" parody - but it was nevertheless a chuckle-worthy curiosity that lingered in the mind longer than any of the episode's more traditional spoofs. Though there are broader moments - we've all encountered an obnoxious, aggro partygoer like the one played by Beck Bennett -  the loopy, "Weird Science"-esque sci-fi bit is a grower, not a shower. Watch below as James Franco's mail-order friend gets a lesson in how to be human.

A former contributor to sites including MTV's The Backlot and Bloody-Disgusting, Chris Eggertsen worked in film development before indulging his love of pop culture writing full time. He specializes in horror, the intersection of social issues and entertainment and Howard Stern. He's on Twitter @HitFixChris.