If you needed further proof of the theory that everything is better with an English accent, feast your eyes and ears on a selection of 16-year-old Maisie Williams' Vine videos. If the name "Maisie Williams" doesn't ring a bell, let me clarify it by saying "Arya Stark," then watch you fall all over yourself swooning. Can you tell who my favorite "Game of Thrones" character is?

Arya's most recent Vine is a reaction to the horrific Red Wedding on Sunday's episode of "GoT."  It contains spoilers, if there's anyone out there who hasn't see the episode yet and has also managed to avoid every single thing on the Internet this week:

In this one, we see how Maisie deals with boredom:

Maisie has a tortoise named Barney! I want a tortoise named Barney.

This one is just a complaint about the weather, but it's done in that wonderful accent, so it's super dignified and great:

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