Among other less-important issues like climate change, the ongoing healthcare debate and the continuing human-rights crisis in Syria, President Obama will be paying close attention to Frank Underwood's continued Machiavellian scheming on Netflix's "House of Cards" this weekend, as Season 2 is set to hit the streaming service at midnight tonight. Now, the TV-Watcher-in-Chief has taken to Twitter to make the following plea, which incidentally serves the dual purpose of making him seem "relatable":

Got that, folks? You may be binge-watching all 13 "House of Cards" Season 2 episodes this weekend, but the President is very, very busy and will only have time to watch about seven or eight of them. So do not spoil it for him, seriously, or you risk incurring his wrath and/or tears. See below for a few Gif examples of what that might look like. 

Barack Obama

Barack Obama on Saturday Night Live

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