How well do supposed BFFs Patrick Stewart and Ian McKellen know each other? Not very - at least judging by this new (ok, actually two-month old) video of the lovable British actors playing a variation on "The Newlywed Game" for an audience of adoring fans. But before we get to the clip, a few important observations:

1. Yorkshire Pudding is not at all what I thought it was.

2. Patrick Stewart 2014 still looks exactly like Patrick Stewart 1997.

3. Ian McKellen thinks "Country + Western" is a song and not a genre, because British.

4. "Widow Twankey" is my new euphemism for everything.

5. Ian McKellen is wearing a pair of black Ugg boots. I repeat: Ian McKellen is wearing a pair of black Ugg boots.

6. Patrick Stewart and Ian McKellen are our new Betty White. (Sorry, Betty, but your moment has passed.)

And now, Cute Old Famous People Saying Stuff:

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