Miley Cyrus is transforming into Brigitte Nielsen before our very eyes

And nobody seems concerned

Look, we've all thought it. Raspy-voiced twerking enthusiast Miley Cyrus is transforming into '80s model/actress-cum-'00s hot mess Brigitte Nielsen at an alarming rate, and as if to prove it she's been blowing up Twitter to promote her terrible new single with several new photos that...wait, is that a giant backpack in the shape of a bear?

Miley Cyrus wears platforms to promote her new single

But back to my main point. Miley Cyrus = Brigitte Nielsen. Take this photo, where she's straddling an exercise bike for some reason:

Miley Cyrus straddles an exercise bike to promote her new single We Can't Stop

 And this one, in a monokini:

Miley Cyrus wears a monokini to promote her new single We Can't Stop

Can a "Red Sonja" remake be far behind? I ask you.

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