#6 - Always prepared for anything, she even brought her favorite Mrs. Claus outfit. Damn shame about those cute boots getting sucked into the time vortex at the last minute. But that's the risk when you bring more than one carry-on through the dimensional rift.

#7 - Being the Queen of the Nile can also lead to being the Queen of Denial when it comes to convincing yourself dip-dying a Halloween costume in a pique of creative folly was a good idea.

#8 - There is never a bad time to pull out a rubber mermaid suit. Clearly Keene/Perry knows quality craftsmanship when she sees it and was loathe to leave such a treasure behind.

#9 - A repurposed table cloth once became a fashionable cape before being re-repurposed into a shawl. Even the flower survived the transition unscathed. Amazing!


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