Well it finally happened. Last night the inevitable arrest of Justin Bieber occurred. The pop singer was picked up on several charges in Miami, Florida to the shock and surprise of no one over the age of fifteen. Reporters from all over the country were flown in to await the press conference outside courthouse and the release of Bieber's mugshot.

Photo Credit: AP/Miami Dade County Jail

And what a mugshot it is. Whether covering up his embarrassment or trained to have a Pavlovian response of smiling for the camera, Bieber doesn't exactly radiate an aura of repentance. HOWEVER, with just a little tweaking it can be saved. See? Under the influence, a police station looks an awful lot like a Tiger Beat* photoshoot. Right? Okay no, but the juxtaposition opportunity was too tempting to pass up.


 *HitFix is definitely not implying that editorial photoshoots are in any way similar to the police booking process. We're sure craft services are superb.

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