There's an almost unnerving anesthetic quality to Ellen DeGeneres that allows her to manipulate the general public into doing basically whatever she tells them to do (except for, I guess, actually spending money on a Greyson Chance album), and the daytime talk-show host used that quality to her advantage at this year's Oscars when her celeb-studded selfie became the most retweeted Twitter post of all time.

Not to be outdone, Jimmy Kimmel decided to challenge Ellen's record on Saturday night after conducting a sit-down interview with the Clinton family at Arizona State University in Tempe, posting his own selfie with Bill, Hillary, Chelsea and what appears to be an insanely well-orchestrated rainbow coalition of students (which is very, very on-brand of the Clintons I might add).

And...ok, so he fell about 3,392,000 retweets short of the goal. Then again, unlike Ellen he also doesn't have the benefit of evil superpowers.

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