Oh man, I would have been so tickled by the James Franco portion of this in 2003. Now, I don't know. There's something so aggravating about his brand of self-promotion: the petulance, the self-satisfaction (how many laugh lines can you fit on a single face?), the Instagram selfies, the lame "I'll do anything for art" publicity stunts. When did James Franco turn into a creepy high school teacher? I don't know, but it happened and we just have to accept it.

In any event, reminder: James Franco and Seth Rogen are friends, good friends! Here they are on the Discovery Channel promoting their new movie "The Interview" (the one Kim Jong-un all but threatened to bomb us over), which comes out on Christmas. Did I mention they're naked and afraid? Because they are. (Clip begins about 1:30 in.)

(via The Hollywood Reporter)

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