"Hi Stefon."

"How have you been?"

"So, have you heard the news? Bill Hader is leaving 'SNL' after this season."

"I know. It's really sad news."

"And also Fred Armisen."

 "Why do you think he's leaving, though?"

"Ah, makes sense. So, Stefon, what part of this news upsets you the most?"

"Aw, buddy, it's going to be oka-"

"I know. I know. It's horrible. Okay, well I've got to go. Any parting words?"

(Gifs via fuck-yeah-stefon)

Liana Maeby grew up in Los Angeles and it has made her just as terrible as you'd expect. A graduate of USC's film school, she previously worked as an editor for Crushable.com, and has written for publications like Interview and The Village Voice. Her first book, a satirical work entitled "Earl Can Hurl (You Can Hurl Too)" written when she was eight, remains unpublished.