Last night HBO and 'Game of Thrones' messed up y'all, they messed up real bad.

Warning: Spoilers for Season 4 beyond this point.

Warning 2: Nerd rage over character development and/or plot missteps beyond this point.

Warning 3: Trigger warning for sexual assault beyond this point.

Warning 4: No more warnings beyond this point.

Okay yes, we've dealt with questionable deviations from the novels in the past, like Drogo and Dany's wedding night or the amount of nudity used to Jedi Mind Trick the audience into learning Westerosi politics but nothing like this. Episode 4x03, 'Breaker of Chains,' will no doubtedly go down in infamy, especially after the elation felt by last week's Purple Wedding.



As Joffrey's funeral commences, fans of both the book and show watched the scene between Cersei and Jaime in the Sept of Baelor in fear. As a book reader my trepidation was the show would shy away from this scene, finding it hard to portray a pair of people so broken and codependent they'd bone during their son's wake. I can only speculate show watchers feared some version of this as well, only maybe instead of fearing they wouldn't shag like rabbits on the Mother's altar, they feared that they would? Because seriously Jaime and Brienne are soul mates and Cersei needs to step off. Regardless, either of those outcomes would have been preferable to the absolute character assassination we were forced to partake in instead.



What should have happened?

In 'A Storm Of Swords' Jaime returns to King's Landing after Joffrey's untimely demise — untimely used here to denote derision at how long it took for someone get the stones to off the little tyrant — and rushes straight to the Sept. Cersei rages at him that he was too late to save Joff. She realizes one of his hands is cold and rigid and freaks out. Jaime comforts her. 

What actually happened on the show.

Jaime's been back at King's Landing for a while and witnessed first hand the poisoning of his eldest son. During the wake, he forces everyone out so he can talk to Cersei. She orders him to kill Tyrion because sure, in a viper's nest of people waiting to kill King Joffrey the Really Seriously Terrible only her brother should be suspect. Jaime refuses. Cersei cries and he comforts her.

So far, so good. But hold on to your butts because shit's about to get real...dumb.


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