The most comprehensive trailer for 'X-Men: Days of Future Past' was released last night and is near bursting with plots and subplots and futures that might happen and never happened and are happening. But between Bishop killing Sentinels in a dystopian future and Mystique kicking ass up and down the front lines of Vietnam, something might have slipped under your radar. What exactly does Charles Xavier think he's doing just walking around like he hasn't a care in the world or a bullet wound in his spine?

Remember the end of 'X-Men: First Class' when the greatest bromance of our day ended in tragedy? When Erik accidentally maimed Charles and tied up the 'How did Professor X become paralyzed' question in a neat bow? Here, let's jog your memory.


But then this happens. Wolverine is sent back into the past to stop the future from happening in a bit of wibbly-wobbly timey-wimey hubris that would make even The Doctor hesitant. 


Okay, sure. Maybe Xavier overshot and sent Logan back to before the events of 'First Class' happened, a pre-paralyzed time. But no. Because when they go to visit Quicksilver, Magneto is already in prison for being a threat to society at large. And this is the same day since Charles is wearing the same shirt and hobo chic haircut.


Sidenote: Does anyone else find it hilariously naive to house the most dangerous (known) mutant in the world inside a pentagon inside the Pentagon? Like someone out there sat down and designed this layout, complete with a supervisor saying something about needing it to be symmetrical so as not to throw off the aesthetic of the Pentagon.


Still, maybe this is a universe before Charles and Erik met. Maybe Erik was captured by the Pentagon prior to his meeting of the X-Men and in a non-Wolverine universe escapes on his own. Nope. Because Erik clearly knows him 'Good to see you too, old friend' and Charles is still mad leading to a punch. He's off balance though so maybe he was paralyzed and got better and is still regaining equilibrium. Hey if Batman can punch his spine unbroken, anything's possible.


It's a miracle! Everyone rejoice...except don't break out the party favors just yet. Hahaha you don't think the powers that be would just let him stay bipedal do you?

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