On December 9th at 1PM EST, Zachary Quinto became the latest in a long line of celebrities to cut out the middle man and speak directly to fans — and critics — using Reddit's AMA (Ask Me Anything) sub-thread. After proving he was who he said he was via a photograph, Quinto spent about two hours answering questions both serious and silly. Including these gems:


 #1 - Quinto has a very pragmatic approach to dating.


#2 - He continues to perpetuate the ion neutralizing properties of Neutron Cream.

#3 - He put a very vivid image of Vulcan anatomy in our heads.


#4 - He extrapolated what employers might have a "Coming Out" betting pool.


 #5 - Quinto also has a pragmatic approach to marriage.

 #6 - And next generation gaming consoles.


#7 - He had a well-thought out reasoning for unleashing horse-sized ducks on the unsuspecting world.


 #8 - He faced his fears.

#9 - He may or may not have stated his preferences for English partners.


#10 - And he finally put to bed the greatest debate of our time.

Source: All quotes courtesy of Reddit