As any "Game of Thrones" viewer knows, a profound feeling of utter confusion as to what exactly is happening right now you guys is an inevitable byproduct of watching the labyrinthine HBO fantasy series, and perhaps no one understands that better than the father of Reddit user "Sartro," who was recently quizzed by his "GOT" fanatic son on the names of the show's various characters. Luckily for the rest of humanity, dear ol' dad came away hilariously stumped on enough of them to provide us all with a treasure trove of hilarious captions including "Sexy Hooker," "Dragonlord. The Last Dragon?" and "Grandmother of Boobs Girl." Takeaway: exploiting your parents for comment karma is awesome!

(via Uproxx)

Clueless dad tries to name Game of Thrones characters 1

Clueless dad tries to name Game of Thrones characters 2

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