A lot has changed in office culture since the 1960s. Typewriters are a thing of the past, phones are sleek extensions of our own personalities, the era of the fax machine has come and gone. But one thing remains the same…the wage gap.

Christina Hendricks teamed up with Funny Or Die to bring her "Mad Men" character to the modern office. Watching Joan struggle to make sense of the latest technology is adorable. Of course pales in comparison to watching her struggle to make sense of how women are still paid less for the same work in the 21st century. Which is infinitely less adorable, corporate America.

Side Note: I'd watch an entire show of a time displaced Joan Harris. Maybe have her accidentally beamed aboard the Enterprise or wander into a strange blue telephone box. You know what? Let's do this. Petition for Joan Harris to star in a "Quantum Leap" re-imagining.

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