Somewhere in the bowels of Tumblr, a rumor has been percolating for years that is Marvel long-conning us all. That there is no way this many actors can accurately reflect their fictional superhero counterparts. Therefore, Robert Downey Jr. IS Tony Stark, Chris Pratt IS Star-Lord, etc. That Marvel is hiding superheroes in plain sight like a metahuman MIB.

Doubtful? Take a look at Exhibit 18743: Chris Evans at the People’s Choice Awards last night. Look at this adorable, earnest boy scout offering his arm to comedy legend Betty White.

Of course, this is not to take away from the indomitable Betty White herself. At 93 years old, science needs to speed up the time table on immortality because she is a national treasure. If you didn’t feel just a little bit emotional during her acceptance speech, please report immediately to the nearest SkyNet service station to be reprogramed. Humans will become suspicious if your emotion chip is not operational.


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