If there is one thing 'Game of Thrones' is known for, it is the complete lack of safety net for any main character. On most shows, having your name in the opening scroll gives a certain immunity from agonizing death and/or maiming. Not so in the universe of George R.R. Martin.  BuzzFeed contributor Antonia Heslop tried to take the sting out some of these unflinching deaths by turning them into adorable 8-bit GIFS. The results are still traumatic. Cute. But traumatic.

(Warning: Spoilers below!)

The precedent was set with Ned Stark.

GIF Credit: Antonia Heslop

It was at this moment when fans realized — either while reading or watching — that Westeros was a dangerous place for an honorable man. Also, that Joffrey was dangerously entitled.


Fire cannot kill a dragon, but it can be used by dragons to kill.

GIF Credit: Antonia Heslop

'Dracarys!' has got to be right up there on the list of all-time righteous vengeance quotes. In the Hall of Fame, it sits in a cross-stitch right next to Ripley's 'Get away from her, you bitch.'

Let's see you regenerate that!

GIF Credit: Antonia Heslop

Oh, you can regenerate that? Well isn't my face red. Though one has to wonder at the mental strain of being constantly maimed, scarred, and killed only to be brought back once more. How much memory and limb loss can one man take?

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