Sure the heyday of the MTV Video Music Awards may be behind us but that doesn't mean it's not worth tuning in for the spectacle. Especially since the advent of the "Audience Cam"! 

Instead of watching the performers and the announcers, the real show is in the candid celebrity reactions. Basically it's like "1984" only with a more glitter and worse soundtrack. When famous people forget the camera is on them, that's when the actual entertainment begins.

#1 - Even Miley Cyrus had to augment her VMA experience with social media.

#2 - Ariana Grande may have won the award, but Katy Perry doesn't hug her future replacement.

#3 - And Grande was so jittery she ended up falling.

#4 - The Kardashians laughed at Jay Pharoah's flawless Kanye impression.

#5 - But then they forgot the camera is always watching...always.

#6 - At least Snoop showed some respect.

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