Duck and cover, women and humanity, because Chris Brown is back with another music video, and guess what: he's still a virulent misogynist. Why no, he hasn't evolved as a human being, are you surprised? Of course you're not - and below are five reasons why "Loyal" will make you dislike him even more than you already do (unless of course you're a die-hard Chris Brown fan, in which case you're probably going to call me a cunt or something).

1. He's still referring to women as hoes and bitches

Chris Brown's music video for Loyal

Hey, remember that time Chris Brown beat up Rihanna and then learned nothing? Yes, four years later he's still spitting choruses like "These hoes ain't loyal" and ogling scantily-clad women in music videos. Are you happy, people who continue to buy Chris Brown albums?

2. This hat

Chris Brown's music video for Loyal

On the list of hats that should never be worn by any man ever, the bucket hat comes in just below the trucker cap and just above the fedora. Note: the trucker cap is No. 1 on that list.

3. He's a really good dancer

Chris Brown's music video for Loyal

Now, this would not ordinarily be a bad thing. But isn't it annoying, because we don't like him?

4. The part at the beginning where he says, "You thought it was over?"

Chris Brown's music video for Loyal

Yes, Chris Brown, we actually DID think it was over - just like we thought it was over after the last 17 albums you put out. We get it, you're not going anywhere. Do you have to say "I told you so" every time you release a new single?

5. This GIF

Chris Brown's music video for Loyal

Oh my god, I just cannot even.

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