It's a basic rule of the Internet that anything a person can do, an animal can do 10-times better. Which means that if a woman can shake her ass for the camera and create a highly entertaining video (take a look at our round-up of those here!), then a dog can shake its ass and create a video worthy of all the awards and accolades in the world -- or at least worthy of being posted on your friends' Facebook walls.

As it turns out, dogs can totally twerk too, and they can do it with style and finesse. Here are 5 canine twerking videos that shouldn't be missed:

1. This first dog with a penchant for Eminem songs may have invented the genre of doggy twerking, and if he didn't, he definitely put it on the map:

2. It takes Mason a little while to get into it, but once he does, holy damn can this pup twerk:

3. This creature is definitely a canine stripper. Tip her in treats and belly scratches:

4. I recommend watching this one with the volume turned down:

5. Laya has a very slow and sensual twerking style. But hey - to each her own:

Liana Maeby grew up in Los Angeles and it has made her just as terrible as you'd expect. A graduate of USC's film school, she previously worked as an editor for, and has written for publications like Interview and The Village Voice. Her first book, a satirical work entitled "Earl Can Hurl (You Can Hurl Too)" written when she was eight, remains unpublished.