Ah, twerking round-ups: we did one with humans, and then we did one with dogs. But you know how jealous cats get when you try to exclude their own butt-dancing skills from the conversation. Sorry, cats! We've fixed things with this round-up of 5 excellent YouTube videos of kitties twerking.

1.The title of this video is "Animals Getting Wild: Cat Gets Down & Starts Twerking," which makes me think Joe Francis could have another kind of franchise on his hands:

 2.  It's hard to tell what's more awesome, this kitty's slow-build twerking style or her amazingly disheveled hair:

3. Okay, you guys? For real? This one is almost too sexy:

4. Her name is Mittens and boy does she like to twerk:

5. A perfect 7 seconds with a very intelligent cat:

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