With rumors flying fast and furious as Harrison Ford, Carrie Fisher, and Mark Hamill were spotted in London yesterday, Disney/Lucasfilm had to pull the trigger on their Star Wars casting announcement. A photo of the first table read for Episode VII was released along with the full cast list. And the Internet promptly exploded. As it does. Here were some of the best responses in order of amusement to me in no particular order 

#1 - We all know our relationship with Star Wars is like First Love™.


#2 - Adam Driver is the villain and nothing is more universally reviled than folk music.


#3 - Whoever this was, we will hunt you down. You will pay for playing with our hearts.


#4 - So that's what was missing from the first table read.


#5 - And of course it'd be outrageous to think black women even exist in another galaxy.


#6 - And you thought these two breaking news stories weren't related. Ha!


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