"Miss America" has been struggling for years now to remain relevant in a societal climate that is more and more suspicious of a college scholarship contests with a mandatory swimsuit competition. So during the talent portion of the 2015 pageant, someone at the idea to let the girls share "fun facts" about themselves via tiny pop-up bubbles. Perhaps in an attempt to humanize ladies, or perhaps in a misguided homage to MTV's defunct "Pop-Up Video" series.

Either way, some tidbits were normal, like having dreams of performing on Broadway or singing at Carnegie Hall. Other were…not so much.

#1 - Miss New York shared her love of food of questionable origin.

#2 - Miss Virginia admitted to a strange phobia on national television.

And that's just the start. From strange childhood incidents to misspelled declarations of love of favorite authors, I have to wonder if the Miss America contestants knew these bits of trivia would be consumed by a national audience. Check out the rest after the jump!

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