There will no doubt be a lot of lists over the next few weeks to discuss the best and worst music of the year. But this is not that list. Why? Because nothing on the Top 40 will ever come close to the absolute bonkers parodies that came out in 2014.

We’ve come a long way from classics like “Numa Numa” and “We Drink Ritalin.” This year’s crop of earworms (ew) is full of staggeringly high production values that our virtual forefathers could never have imagined. From a song about cannibal celebrities to one about cannibal pop stars to a sitcom theme about a cannibal serial killer (wait a minute), the Internet truly gifted us with a bountiful harvest.

Also, should we be worried about the sheer volume of parodies about the predatory, soulless nature of everything from film to celebrity culture to nostalgia??? Nahhhhh.

After the jump, relive 11 viral sensations…if you dare.

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