Rachel Lichtman wears many hats: she’s a DJ, a writer, a documentary filmmaker, and one of the most singularly hilarious people on the planet. Also, she looks really good in her many big, floppy hats. Rachel tweets as @DJRotaryRachel, offering razor sharp gems that sometimes contain obscure references that will make you feel really cool if you understand them. Here are ten of Rachel’s greatest hits (amazing DJ joke!!!!):
10. Can't afford anti-depressants so I'm just drinking No More Tears® shampoo.
9. My new jeans are so tight that literally the only comfortable way to stand is by leaning on an '83 Trans Am.
8. Twitter: HURRICANE! Facebook: Someone I've never met 'likes' Wisk Detergent.
7. A bird just flew right by my head and my reaction would have won a Charleston contest in 1925.
6. The lifespan of a dance hit: gay club, straight club, hip restaurant, Top Shop, hotel lobby, Scion commercial, Uncle Joel's iPod.
5. Jews come back from the dead all the time it's called SHOW BUSINESS.
4. Rivers Cuomo sounds like a casino you can still smoke in.
3. Every woman has her date bra and her fat pants and her crying shirt and her murder wig and her courtroom brooch.
2. I still whisper "We're in" to myself whenever I log onto a wifi network.
1. Let's worry less about who's allowed to get married and worry more about who's allowed to have children.


Liana Maeby grew up in Los Angeles and it has made her just as terrible as you'd expect. A graduate of USC's film school, she previously worked as an editor for Crushable.com, and has written for publications like Interview and The Village Voice. Her first book, a satirical work entitled "Earl Can Hurl (You Can Hurl Too)" written when she was eight, remains unpublished.