Vanessa Ramos is comedian and a writer for the brand spankin' new Comedy Central show "@midnight," which premiered last night. I get excited every time I see her little icon pop up on my Twitter feed, which is equally a testament to Vanessa's tweetin' skills as it is to the overall adventure levels of my life. Also, it's probably some kind of cultural commentary?

Vanessa tweets as @thatRamosgirl for our reading pleasure. Here are 10 of her best jokes:

10. Learn how to tell a story, everyone on Jeopardy.

9. It's like somebody came out of a 20 year coma and immediately started making Old Navy commercials.

8. Ke$ha is like if My Little Pony fucked a trash can.

7. At this point, we need less ways to express ourselves.

6. Cat hair is lonely people glitter.

5. James Carville has come a long way since trying to destroy Toon Town.

4. If there's anything we can learn from the O.J. trial, it's that we should go ahead and take note of Chris Brown's glove size.

3. Dogs before both bros and hoes.

2. A lot of people on Twitter are famous in the same way that some Chili's menu items are famous.

1. My favorite episode of Dirty Jobs is the one about the guy who feeds peanut butter to the Kardashians so it looks like they're talking.

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