The weirdest part of this AMC-branded "Sassy Rick Grimes" Halloween costume, an actual thing you can buy and put on your body, is that it's for a woman -- although I can understand feeling like a "Sassy Michonne" ensemble would involve too many layers. The least weird part of this Halloween costume is that "sassy" is being used to mean "female," as those words are direct synonyms.


How lame is it to be the person at the Halloween party who dressed as a "Walking Dead" character that isn't a zombie? Although it does mean you get to kill a large percentage of the other guest. Anyway, this costume is lame, but these 10 TV-character get-ups would be even worse:

1. Aroused Walter White
2. Post-Coital Jesse Pinkman
3. Cheerful Olivia Pope
4. Slutty Rizzoli
5. Frigid Isles
6. Empathetic Will McAvoy
7. Alive Finn Hudson
8. Wintertime Sookie Stackhouse
9. Naked Hodor
10. James Spader from "The Blacklist"

(via Videogum)

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