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  • Oscar-isaac-to-join-viggo-mortensen-in-two-face-of-january_gallery_primary_home_top_story

    Oscar Isaac and Jason Clarke sign on for 'Mojave' from 'Departed' scribe William Monahan

    Type: Article | Date: Tuesday, Dec 4, 2012

    Clarke to be seen in the upcoming 'Zero Dark Thirty'
  • Charlizetheron_article_story_main_home_top_story

    Charlize Theron to star in 'Sympathy For Lady Vengeance' remake

    Type: Article | Date: Wednesday, Nov 28, 2012

    'The Departed' screenwriter William Monahan is adapting the script
  • Londonboulevard_home_top_story

    London Boulevard

    Type: Event | Date: Friday, Nov 11, 2011

    Screenwriter William Monahan take over the director's chair for this thriller.
  • Leonardodicapriorc_home_top_story

    Mel Gibson to direct Leonardo DiCaprio in new Viking tale

    Type: Article | Date: Monday, Dec 14, 2009

    Epic promises to be as uncompromising as 'Braveheart' and 'Apocolypto'
  • Edge_of_darkness_dvd_home_top_story

    Edge of Darkness - DVD

    Type: Event | Date: Tuesday, May 11, 2010

    Mel Gibson is a detective investigating the death of his political activist daughter
  • Edge_of_darkness_br_home_top_story

    Edge of Darkness - Blu-ray Disc

    Type: Event | Date: Tuesday, May 11, 2010

    Mel Gibson is a detective investigating the death of his political activist daughter
  • 10.-mickey-rourke-sin-city-2005_gallery_primary_home_top_story

    'Sin City 2: A Dame to Kill For' gets release date

    Type: Article | Date: Thursday, May 17, 2012

    Mickey Rourke and Jessica Alba confirmed to return
  • Oblivion_760_home_top_story

    Tom Cruise watches over a post-apocalyptic New York in new 'Oblivion' poster

    Type: Article | Date: Friday, Dec 7, 2012

    Sci-fi epic is from 'Tron Legacy' director Joseph Kosinski
  • Golden_globes-morgan__ellw_article_story_main_home_top_story

    Morgan Freeman joining Tom Cruise in sci-fi thriller 'Oblivion'

    Type: Article | Date: Thursday, Feb 9, 2012

    Joseph Kosinski-directed film also stars Andrea Riseborough and Olga Kurylenko
  • The Departed - Blu-ray Disc

    Type: Event | Date: Tuesday, Feb 2, 2010

    Legendary director Martin Scorsese takes the helm for this tale of questionable loyalties and blurring identities set in the South Boston organized crime scene and inspired by the wildly popular 2002 Hong Kong crime film Infernal Affairs. As the police force attempts to reign in the increasingly powerful Irish mafia, authorities are faced with the prospect of sending in an undercover agent or seeing their already frail grip on the criminal underworld slip even further. Billy Costigan (Leonardo DiCaprio) is a young cop looking to make a name for himself in the world of law enforcement. Collin Sullivan (Matt Damon) is a street-smart criminal who has successfully infiltrated the police department with the sole intention of reporting their every move to ruthless syndicate head Frank Costello (Jack Nicholson). When Costigan is assigned the task of working his way into Costello's tightly guarded inner circle, Sullivan is faced with the responsibility of rooting out the informer before things get out of hand. With the stakes constantly rising and time quickly running out for the undercover cop and his criminal counterpart, each man must work feverishly to reveal his counterpart before his identity is exposed by the other. Martin Sheen, Alec Baldwin, and Ray Winstone co-star, and writer William Monahan adapts a screenplay originally penned by Alan Mak and Felix Chong. ~ Jason Buchanan, All Movie Guide
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