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  • Too Cool for School Collection

    Type: Event | Date: Tuesday, Sep 29, 2009

    Includes:The Pom Pom Girls (1976), MPAA Rating: R The Van (1977), MPAA Rating: R Coach (1978), MPAA Rating: PG Malibu Beach (1978), MPAA Rating: R The Beach Girls (1982) My Tutor (1982), MPAA Rating: R Weekend Pass (1984), MPAA Rating: R Cave Girl (1985), MPAA Rating: R Tomboy (1985), MPAA Rating: R My Chauffeur (1986), MPAA Rating: R Hunk (1987), MPAA Rating: PG Jocks (1987), MPAA Rating: R The Pom Pom Girls Guys go crazy for the gals cheering on the home team in this raunchy teen comedy from the Seventies. It's football season at Rosedale High, and Johnny (Robert Carradine) and Jesse (Michael Mullins) are eager to lead the school's team to victory. But while Coach Hartmann (Robert Gammon) wants to put the team on the right track, his abusive methods and obnoxious attitude are turning some of the players against him. Meanwhile, the guys on the team are just as interested in making time with the girls on the cheerleading squad as they are in scoring touchdowns, and Johnny starts dating Laurie (Jennifer Ashley), much to the annoyance of her former boyfriend Duane (Bill Adler), a thick-headed tough guy. Meanwhile, the Rosedale High team is gearing up for their annual game with cross town rivals Hardin High by launching a battle of pranks, which reaches its peak when the Rosedale guys steal a fire engine. The Pom-Pom Girls was an early credit for director Joseph Ruben, who later went on to make The Stepfather, True Believer and The Forgotten. ~ Mark Deming, All Movie Guide The Van A teenager tries to win the girl of his dreams with the hottest van in town in this '70s sex comedy. Bobby (Stuart Goetz) has just graduated from high school, but he's too preoccupied with girls to think much about his future. Bobby hasn't had much luck with the ladies, and he's convinced it's because of his lack of cool wheels, so after months of slaving at a car wash owned by Andy (Danny DeVito), he blows the money he'd been saving for college on a down payment on his dream machine: a canary yellow custom Dodge van, a bachelor pad on wheels complete with mirrored ceiling, 8-track stereo, television monitors, and (natch) a waterbed. Bobby turns his attentions to class hottie Sally (Connie Lisa Marie), who happens to be dating ill-tempered bully Dugan (Steve Oliver), while his buddy Jack urges him to date the more available Sue (Marcie Barkin), who's friends with his girlfriend, Tina (Deborah White). Andy uses the car wash as a front for his bookmaking business, and when a few bets don't go his way, he asks Bobby to lend him some money. Bobby gives Andy the cash he'd earmarked for his next payment on the van, but when Andy can't pay him back, Bobby's new van may be soon be in the hands of the repo man. ~ Mark Deming, All Movie Guide Coach When Fenton (Keenan Wynn), the preeminent citizen of Granger speaks, the town listens. The town's high-school boys' basketball team has had a losing season, and he wants the coach fired. What's more, he wants to select his replacement. After a computer search, he discovers that the Olympic track star Randy Rawlings has just the right qualifications. When Randy arrives, he discovers that this star athlete is a woman (Cathy Lee Crosby). However, she insists on her right to try and coach the boys, and she not only succeeds at that, but inspires the boys in other ways as well. ~ Clarke Fountain, All Movie Guide Malibu Beach Day or night, it's a hot and wild summer at Malibu Beach. When the sun is high, it's Dina's (Kim Lankford) job to patrol the area. Being the hot new lifeguard on duty isn't as easy as you'd think -- there's the older, muscle-bound beach idiot Dugan (Steven J. Oliver) continually lusting after her, while jerk kids fake drowning just to get her to save them. And who can forget that pesky bikini-stealing dog?!? Thankfully, when the moon comes up, it's time to party 1978-style. With her best friend Margie (Sherry Marks) in tow, the girls prowl the local disco pub and then end up back at t
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    'Enlisted' equals recent repeats for FOX
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    Best And Worst of the Winter Olympics

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    The Seth Meyers Era ends with one of the show's most dependably great hosts
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    NBC Executive Session with Robert Greenblatt Press Tour Live-Blog

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    Jennifer Salke and Paul Telegdy are also on-hand
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