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  • Shaw Brothers Collection II

    Type: Event | Date: Tuesday, Aug 25, 2009

    Includes:Brothers Five (1970) Brave Archer and His Mate (1982) Holy Flame of the Martial World (1983) Journey of the Doomed (1985) Brothers Five Fist of Fury director Lo Wei keeps the action flowing and the body blows flying in this epic tale of revenge and brotherly love featuring Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon swordsman Cheng Pei-pei. The same killers who murdered Yen Lai's father have overrun the Teng Lung Manor, and now Lai's only hope for revenge is to reunite her five brothers. But her siblings have all been separated since childhood, and brining them back together promises to be nearly as formidable a task as defeating the nefarious Lung-Chen feng and his gang. As the fight gets underway, however, old bonds are soon strengthened through the mutual hunger for revenge. ~ Jason Buchanan, All Movie Guide Brave Archer and His Mate The fury of the Venoms series combines with the ferocity of classic martial arts films in this installment of the Brave Archer series featuring a cameo by Japanese screen legend Alexander Fu Sheng. When a mass murderer begins dispatching with martial arts masters, it's up to one of the slain masters' best students (Kuo Chue) to defeat the maniacal killer once and for all. ~ Jason Buchanan, All Movie Guide Holy Flame of the Martial World No synopsis available. Journey of the Doomed A lone swordsman comes to the aid of a breathtaking beauty who was sold into prostitution in this Shaw Brothers martial arts classic starring Tung Wei (Enter the Dragon). Female kung-fu star Hui Ying-hung plays the leader of a deadly team of assassins. ~ Jason Buchanan, All Movie Guide
  • Runrunshawatrunrunshawprizepresentationhongkong2010lsapphotokincheung_home_top_story

    Legendary kung fu movie producer Run Run Shaw dies at age 107

    Type: Article | Date: Monday, Jan 6, 2014

    Shaw Brothers co-founder helped launch the careers of John Woo, Chow Yun-fat
  • Eric_bana_munich_home_top_story

    The Morning Read: Will Eric Bana be 'Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter'?

    Type: Post | Date: Friday, Dec 17, 2010

    Plus the true story of a tragedy on the road from BNAT
  • Disciples of Shaolin - DVD

    Type: Event | Date: Tuesday, Nov 10, 2009

    From the revered Shaw Brothers studios comes this classic Kung Fu adventure that launched Alexander Fu Sheng (Heroes Shed No Tears) to stardom. Disciples of Shaolin follows a young martial arts fighter who, while working at a textile factory, must do battle with a rival Manchu clan associated with a neighboring mill. ~ All Movie Guide
  • Getdown4_home_top_story

    Review: Netflix's 'The Get Down' a big swing at hip-hop's origins

    Type: Post | Date: Friday, Aug 5, 2016

    Baz Luhrmann-directed '70s drama doesn't lack for style, or craziness
  • Zhengliu_home_top_story

    Exclusive: Zheng Liu kicks his way through a new 'Blood Money' clip

    Type: Article | Date: Tuesday, Aug 21, 2012

    Martial arts film also stars rapper Pitbull and the legendary Gordon Liu
  • Deadly Duo - Blu-ray Disc

    Type: Event | Date: Tuesday, Jan 19, 2010

    This fast-paced action film from the Shaw Brothers studios takes its inspiration from the events of the Sung Dynasty. The story begins with Bao Ting-tien (Ti Lung), the leader of a group of Sung rebels, attempting to rescue a prince from the Ching forces that have overtaken northern China. Bao crosses paths with Little Bat (David Chiang), a mysterious kung-fu expert, and the two decide to team up so they can pull off this daring mission. Unfortunately for both men, the odds are stacked against them -- their mission involves crossing a long, perilous rope bridge and storming into a compound guarded by countless soldiers. The action that follows involves heroic sacrifices, cliffhangers galore and plenty of bloodshed. The end result was a hard-hitting action film and another hit for "the Iron Triangle" (this was the nickname given to the teaming of director Chang Cheh and stars David Chiang and Ti Lung). ~ Donald Guarisco, All Movie Guide
  • Captain Kronos - Vampire Hunter - DVD

    Type: Event | Date: Tuesday, Sep 15, 2009

    A late entry from the foundering Hammer Studios, this intriguing and highly original twist on the vampire motif -- featuring for once a hero more charismatic than the vampires with which he does battle -- was the first in a planned series of Kronos films, but poor planning on behalf of its overseas distributors killed the franchise's great potential in the American market. Kronos (Horst Janson) -- a kind of swashbuckling Sherlock Holmes of the occult sciences -- and his hunchbacked companion Professor Grost (John Cater), arrive in the village of Durward where the local young wenches are being victimized by a family of vampires that drain youth, not blood, from their victims, turning them into withered old hags. Kronos' mystical intuition and powers of deduction lead him to the elderly Lady Durward (Wanda Ventham) and her pompous children Paul (Shane Briant) and Sara (Lois Daine), and he soon squares off against his vampiric foes with a lethal sword (fashioned from a sacred cross) and a bag of occult tricks (including an interesting use of dead frogs). Well-photographed and cleverly directed by Brian Clemens (Dr. Jekyll & Sister Hyde), this is one of Hammer's few attempts to broaden its audience in the 1970's -- a trend which reached its zenith of zaniness with everybody kung fu fighting in the Hammer/Shaw Brothers collaboration Legend of the Seven Golden Vampires. ~ Cavett Binion, All Movie Guide
  • Marcopolo_s1_033_h_1200_home_top_story

    Interview: 'Marco Polo' producer Daniel Minahan talks naked kung fu, Netflix and spaghetti

    Type: Post | Date: Saturday, Dec 13, 2014

    'Game of Thrones' veteran comes Netflix's latest to his HBO favorite
  • Epic Heroes: Kung Fu's Ultimate Warriors

    Type: Event | Date: Tuesday, Nov 17, 2009

    Includes:The Heroic Ones (1970) The Delightful Forest (1972) Two Champions of Shaolin (1980) Heroes Shed No Tears (1986) The Heroic Ones Chang Cheh takes the director's chair for this martial arts adventure produced by the Shaw Brothers and set during the final years of the Tang Dynasty. The Chinese Emperor has requested that barbarian chieftain Li Ke-yung (Ku Feng) recapture the capitol city, which has recently fallen under the rule of a powerful rebel leader. In order to accomplish this formidable task, Ke-yung calls on his thirteen sons, each of whom are powerful fighters. Li Shih-szu (Ti Lung) and Li Tsun-hsiao (David Keung) in particular are more than up to the task, and may be cunning enough to successfully plan and execute this dangerous mission. ~ Jason Buchanan, All Movie Guide The Delightful Forest No synopsis available. Two Champions of Shaolin Master kung-fu director Chang Cheh delivers this straight-ahead period martial arts saga. Tung Chien-chen (Lo Mang) was accepting into the hallowed Shaolin Temple even though he is Manchu, because his parents were both killed by the same. Shaolin has been locked in a fierce rivalry with the Wu Tang clan, which is allied with the Manchu born Ching emperor. When Tung is wounded in a skirmish with a group of Wu Tang's men, he is given safe haven from a master of knife throwing named Chin Tai-lei (Sun Chien) and his sister, Pei. Tung soon learns the finer points of their art and eventually, along with fellow kung-fu master Hu Wei-chen (Chiang Sheng), strikes revenge against the Wu Tang. Later, Tung proposes to Pei, but during the reception, the Wu Tang attack, kidnapping Tung and killing Pei and her brother. Will Tung get out of this ugly situation and find justice? ~ Jonathan Crow, All Movie Guide Heroes Shed No Tears A group of Chinese soldiers take on a vicious drug lord in Heroes Shed No Tears, an early film from famed director John Woo. The action takes place in Southeast Asia's Golden Triangle, notorious as one of the largest international centers of drug trafficking. As the film begins, an elite commando force is deep within the Triangle, launching an extremely bloody attack on the headquarters of drug kingpin General Samton. The raid ends with the successful capture of Samton -- but that is only the beginning of the their mission. The greater challenge lies in surviving long enough to bring their captive across the border of Thailand. During their journey, the group must struggle against Samton's henchmen and a brutal Vietnamese colonel they encounter along the way. While there is plenty of firepower in evidence, many of the action sequences lack the same level of elegance and style as Woo's later work. Instead, the film veers between moments of slapstick and horrific brutality of war in a fashion that would be more successful in his later Bullet in the Head. ~ Judd Blaise, All Movie Guide
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