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    Christian Bale teaming up with acclaimed director of 'Hero'

    Type: Article | Date: Wednesday, Dec 22, 2010

    Epic will focus on WW II massacre
  • City of Life and Death - Blu-ray Disc

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    Within the scope of Asian history, few events carry the ugly and sickening connotations of the Rape of Nanking. Japanese forces invaded that Chinese city on December 9, 1937, and in the six weeks to follow, soldiers raped thousands of women and annihilated hundreds of thousands of innocent civilians. Director Lu Chuan directs this black-and-white, docudrama account of that horrifying six-week period, with the benefit of an ensemble cast that includes Hideo Nakaizumi as a conscience stricken Japanese soldier, Fan Wei as the aid to a German humanitarian worker and Gao Yuanyuan as the head of a refugee camp. Chuan relays the events directly and straightforwardly, with a careful avoidance of sensationalism and excessive sentimentality, and uses the chronicle to meditate on the insanity of war for all of those involved. ~ Nathan Southern, All Movie Guide
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    Zhang Yimou's 'Flowers of War' set for Oscar-qualifying run

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    Meanwhile the Chinese filmmaker has already landed his first award