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    Review: Walt Disney's 'Maleficent' asks tough questions but fails to answer them

    Type: Post | Date: Thursday, May 29, 2014

    Is this really Disney's 'I Spit On Your Grave'?
  • Melrose Place: The Complete Seasons 1-5

    Type: Event | Date: Tuesday, Nov 24, 2009

    Includes:Melrose Place: Leap of Faith (1992) Melrose Place: Lonely Hearts (1992) Melrose Place: Responsibly Yours (1992) Melrose Place: My Way (1992) Melrose Place: Second Chances (1992) Melrose Place: Burned (1992) Melrose Place: Polluted Affairs (1992) Melrose Place: Lost and Found (1992) Melrose Place: Friends and Lovers (1992) Melrose Place: Pilot (1992) Melrose Place: A Melrose Christmas (1992) Melrose Place: Jake Vs. Jake (1992) Melrose Place: The Whole Truth (1992) Melrose Place: House of God (1992) Melrose Place: Drawing the Line (1992) Melrose Place: Dreams Come True (1992) Melrose Place: For Love or Money (1992) Melrose Place: A Promise Broken (1992) Melrose Place: Duet for One (1993) Melrose Place: Strange Bedfellows (1993) Melrose Place: Under the Mistletoe (1993) Melrose Place: End Game (1993) Melrose Place: Pushing Boundaries (1993) Melrose Place: Carpe Diem (1993) Melrose Place: Suspicious Minds (1993) Melrose Place: Married to It (1993) Melrose Place: No Bed of Roses (1993) Melrose Place: Flirting With Disaster (1993) Melrose Place: Hot and Bothered (1993) Melrose Place: Of Bikes and Men (1993) Melrose Place: Fire Power (1993) Melrose Place: Revenge (1993) Melrose Place: Long Night's Journey (1993) Melrose Place: Much Ado About Everything (1993) Melrose Place: Bye Bye Billy (1993) Melrose Place: My New Partner (1993) Melrose Place: Three's a Crowd (1993) Melrose Place: Picture Imperfect (1993) Melrose Place: Peanut Butter and Jealousy (1993) Melrose Place: Single White Sister (1993) Melrose Place: Cold Turkey (1993) Melrose Place: Collision Course (1993) Melrose Place: The Tangled Web (1993) Melrose Place: State of Need (1993) Melrose Place: Pas de Trois (1993) Melrose Place: The Test (1993) Melrose Place: Irreconcilable Similarities (1993) Melrose Place: Reunion Blues (1994) Melrose Place: The Young Men and the Sea (1994) Melrose Place: Swept Away (1994) Melrose Place: Otherwise Engaged (1994) Melrose Place: Sex, Drugs and Rockin' the Cradle (1994) Melrose Place: Till Death Do Us Part (1994) Melrose Place: Devil With the G-String On (1994) Melrose Place: Imperfect Strangers (1994) Melrose Place: The Bitch is Back (1994) Melrose Place: Psycho Therapy (1994) Melrose Place: In Bed With the Enemy (1994) Melrose Place: The Two Mrs. Mancinis (1994) Melrose Place: Love, Mancini Style (1994) Melrose Place: No Strings Attached (1994) Melrose Place: The Cook, the Creep, His Lover and Her Sister (1994) Melrose Place: Love Reeks (1994) Melrose Place: Dr. Jeckyl Saves His Hide (1994) Melrose Place: And Justice for None (1994) Melrose Place: The Days of Wine and Vodka (1994) Melrose Place: The Doctor That Rocks the Cradle (1994) Melrose Place: Just Say No (1994) Melrose Place: With This Ball and Chain (1994) Melrose Place: Holiday on Ice (1994) Melrose Place: I Am Curious Melrose (1994) Melrose Place: It's a Bad World After All (1994) Melrose Place: In-Laws and Outlaws (1994) Melrose Place: Grand Delusions (1994) Melrose Place: Nonsexual Healing (1994) Melrose Place: Parting Glances (1994) Melrose Place: Arousing Suspicion (1994) Melrose Place: Michael's Game (1994) Melrose Place: Bye Bye Baby (1995) Melrose Place: They Shoot Mothers, Don't They? Part 2 (1995) Melrose Place: They Shoot Mothers, Don't They? Part 1 (1995) Melrose Place: Another Perfect Day in Hell (1995) Melrose Place: St. Valentine's Day Massacre (1995) Melrose Place: And the Winner Is... (1995) Melrose Place: To Live and Die in Malibu (1995) Melrose Place: Postmortem Madness (1995) Melrose Place: Free Kimmy (1995) Melrose Place: Blind Ambition (1995) Melrose Place: Simply Shocking (1995) Melrose Place: Drawing Henry (1995) Melrose Place: Dial M for Melrose (1995) Melrose Place: Amanda Unplugged (1995) Melrose Place: Sydney, Bothered & Bewildered (1995) Melrose Place: The Brooke Stops Here (1995) Melrose Place: No Lifeguard on Duty (1995) Melrose Place: Devil in a Wet Dress (1995) Melrose Place: The Circle of Strife (1995) Melrose Place: Run, Billy, Run (199
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    'Django Unchained' lands eight St. Louis film critics nods

    Type: Post | Date: Tuesday, Dec 11, 2012

    'Moonrise Kingdom' also picked up quite a few
  • Star Trek - The Original Series - Season 2

    Type: Event | Date: Tuesday, Sep 22, 2009

    Includes - Star Trek: Catspaw (1967) Star Trek: Wolf in the Fold (1967) Star Trek: Obsession (1967) Star Trek: Journey to Babel (1967) Star Trek: The Trouble with Tribbles (1967) Star Trek: I, Mudd (1967) Star Trek: The Deadly Years (1967) Star Trek: Mirror, Mirror (1967) Star Trek: The Apple (1967) Star Trek: The Changeling (1967) Star Trek: The Doomsday Machine (1967) Star Trek: Metamorphosis (1967) Star Trek: Friday's Child (1967) Star Trek: Who Mourns for Adonis? (1967) Star Trek: Amok Time (1967) Star Trek: Bread & Circuses (1968) Star Trek: The Gamesters of Triskelion (1968) Star Trek: A Piece of the Action (1968) Star Trek: By Any Other Name (1968) Star Trek: Patterns of Force (1968) Star Trek: Assignment: Earth (1968) Star Trek: The Ultimate Computer (1968) Star Trek: Return to Tomorrow (1968) Star Trek: The Immunity Syndrome (1968) Star Trek: A Private Little War (1968) Star Trek: The Omega Glory (1969) Star Trek: Catspaw The mysterious death of an Enterprise crew member causes Captain Kirk to survey a threatening planet in this episode from the second season of the enduringly popular science fiction series. The crew member's death appears to be related to his recent visit to a nearby planet, and, accompanied by Mr. Spock and Dr. McCoy, Kirk beams to the world's surface to investigate. There, the trio of Enterprise officers unexpectedly find a world inhabited by ancient, Earth-based symbols of evil, including a group of witches who proclaim the Enterprise's imminent doom. Further exploration proves these supernatural creatures are actually the creations of a pair of powerful aliens, who plan to keep the starship and its crew hostage, forcing Kirk and the others to seek a method of escape. ~ Judd Blaise, All Movie Guide Star Trek: Wolf in the Fold After suffering a minor head injury, the Enterprise's chief engineer, Scotty, is ordered by Dr. McCoy to take a brief leave -- as part of his recovery process, of course -- in this episode of the popular sci-fi television series. Reluctantly, Scotty puts aside his workaholic tendencies and joins the doctor and Captain Kirk in traveling to a planet that bears a strong resemblance to 19th-century London. At first quaint, the parallels to Earth culture become frightening when the society proves to have its own variation on Jack the Ripper, and Scotty is accused of the crimes. The other officers attempt to defend their friend against the charges, but mounting evidence refutes their arguments for innocence. Even worse, Scotty not only lacks an alibi, but has begun suffering from blackouts which leave him with no memory of his activities during the times of the murders. The script for Wolf in the Fold was written by Robert Bloch, best known for the novel that inspired Alfred Hitchcock's Psycho. ~ Judd Blaise, All Movie Guide Star Trek: Obsession When Captain Kirk encounters an old nemesis, his personal need to enact revenge threatens not only his own life but the safety of the Enterprise in this episode of the landmark 1960s science-fiction series. When several Enterprise crew members exploring the surface of a planet are attacked by a deadly alien resembling a gaseous cloud, resulting in a number of deaths, Kirk recognizes the extraterrestrial as an enemy from his past. Tormented by the fact that he had failed to destroy the alien during their last encounter, when it had killed a number of his fellow crew members, Kirk becomes increasingly obsessed with the creature's destruction. Ignoring the advice of his fellow officers, a determined Kirk orders the Enterprise to pursue the cloud, hoping to force an ultimate confrontation in which he can finally emerge victorious. ~ Judd Blaise, All Movie Guide Star Trek: Journey to Babel The Enterprise plays host to a number of interplanetary diplomats in preparation for a major galactic meeting in Star Trek 44: Journey to Babel, an episode from the second season of the well-known science fiction series. Amongst the guests are Sarek, the
  • Texas Chainsaw Massacre Film Collection - DVD

    Type: Event | Date: Tuesday, Sep 15, 2009

    Includes:The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (2003), MPAA Rating: R The Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Beginning (2006), MPAA Rating: R The Texas Chainsaw Massacre One of the most infamous horror films of the 1970s is revisited in this remake produced by action-spectacle maven Michael Bay. In the summer of 1973, four teenagers -- Erin (Jessica Biel), Morgan (Jonathan Tucker), Kemper (Eric Balfour), and Andy (Mike Vogel) -- are driving through Texas on a road trip when they pick up a hitchhiker, Pepper (Erica Leerhsen), who is on her way to Mexico to score some dope. With Pepper adding to the party atmosphere, the other four decide to join her, but as they're passing through a small town in Travis County, they see a bloody and distraught girl (Lauren German) wandering by the side of the road, and after stopping to help her, they realize she's been involved in something horribly traumatic. As the kids try to help the girl piece together the story of what happened, they find themselves drawn into the web of a murderous family of subnormal cannibals. Inspired -- like the original Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Psycho, The Silence of the Lambs, and Deranged -- by the crimes of Wisconsin multiple murderer Ed Gein, this remake of The Texas Chainsaw Massacre also features narration by John Larroquette, who narrated the original film (it was his first screen credit), as well as supporting performances by R. Lee Ermey, Andrew Prine, and Andrew Bryniarski. ~ Mark Deming, All Movie Guide The Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Beginning Bear witness to the birth of the most horrifying legend in the history of cinema as director Jonathan Liebesman explores the nightmarish origins of the psychotic Hewitt family in this sequel to director Marcus Nispel's 2003 hit The Texas Chainsaw Massacre. The year is 1969, and despite the fact that the Vietnam War is raging halfway across the globe, all is ominously quiet on the back roads of America. Eighteen-year-old Dean Hill (Taylor Handley) has just received his draft notice, and his older brother, Eric (Matthew Bomer), is determined to watch out for his younger sibling by ensuring that Dean enroll in the Marine Corps rather than risking his luck at the local induction center. Dean has other plans, though, and as soon as the pair and their girlfriends, Bailey (Diora Baird) and Chrissie (Jordana Brewster), return from their final fling in sunny Texas, he plans to confront his brother with the prospect of dodging the draft. When an unsettling encounter with malevolent bikers Holden (Lee Tergesen) and Alex (Cyia Batten) results in a serious car accident in which Chrissie is thrown from the vehicle, the arrival of Sheriff Hoyt (R. Lee Ermey) at first appears to be a moment of divine intervention. However, when Sheriff Hoyt murders thieving Alex in cold blood and then shepherds her friends into the back of his police cruiser as Chrissie watches from the brush, their momentary reprieve soon gives way to an unimaginable terror. As Hoyt transports her ailing friends to the Hewitt home, where a childlike man named Thomas is currently undergoing the transformation into cannibalistic madman Leatherface (Andrew Bryniarski), a desperate Chrissie attempts to enlist the aid of Holden in rescuing her friends from a fate worse than death. ~ Jason Buchanan, All Movie Guide
  • Halloween - The Curse of Michael Myers Triple Pack

    Type: Event | Date: Tuesday, Sep 8, 2009

    Includes - Halloween: The Curse of Michael Myers (1995), MPAA Rating: R Halloween: H20 (1998), MPAA Rating: R Halloween: Resurrection (2002), MPAA Rating: R Halloween: The Curse of Michael Myers Picking up six years after the events of Halloween 5: The Revenge of Michael Myers, this competently produced but ultimately disappointing sequel attempts to tie up the uneven horror series' loose ends with a less-than-convincing resolution. This installment opens with Jamie Lloyd (J.C. Brandy), young niece of supernatural psycho-killer Michael Myers, giving birth on an altar amid a mysterious Druid ceremony. Before she is killed by her monstrous uncle, Jamie manages to leave her baby in the care of young Tommy Doyle (Paul Rudd), who has pursued a lifelong obsession with the horrific Myers family legacy in the town of Haddonfield, Illinois. Living with members of the Strode family, Tommy comes to suspect that one of them, little Danny Strode (Devin Gardner), is cursed with the same malevolent power that drove Michael to murder several members of his family. When Michael arrives in Haddonfield to find and destroy Jamie's baby, Tommy joins forces with Dr. Sam Loomis (Donald Pleasence), Michael's ex-psychiatrist and a life-long crusader against his sinister former patient, to find the connection between Michael and the Man in Black and end the curse once and for all. Released shortly after Pleasence's death, this confusing, horribly-edited blend of tired slasher clichés and X-Files-inspired subplots is a poor testament to the long career of the distinguished and compelling character actor. ~ Cavett Binion, All Movie Guide Halloween: H20 This is the seventh movie in this horror series and a 20th anniversary follow-up to John Carpenter's Halloween (1978), arguably the most influential horror film of the '70s, a film that set the standard of horror for the next two decades and catapulted the career of Jamie Lee Curtis. Newspaper clippings review the murders 20 years earlier by Michael Myers, including one stating Laurie Strode (Curtis) died in a car accident. Actually, she faked her death to hide from Michael, changed her name, and became headmistress at a Southern California boarding school attended by her son, teen John (Josh Hartnett). On Halloween, with most of the school staff and students away on a Yosemite camping trip, John plans a "romantic" evening with several of his classmates -- his girlfriend Molly (Michelle Williams), Charlie (Adam Hann-Byrd), and Sarah (Jodi Lyn O'Keefe). Laurie, meanwhile, has her own date with school-counselor Will (Adam Arkin); on their date, she reveals some of the secrets of her past life to Will. Meanwhile, masked Michael (Chris Durand) evades security guard Ronny (LL Cool J) -- and the nightmares begin anew. Curtis' mother, Janet Leigh, appears in a cameo role as the school secretary. The music score by John Ottman features orchestral variations on the 1978 score composed by Carpenter. ~ Bhob Stewart, All Movie Guide Halloween: Resurrection Masked serial killer Michael Myers makes his seventh appearance in the eighth installment of this long-running slasher series. Although the climax of the previous installment, Halloween: H20, depicted heroine Laurie Strode (Jamie Lee Curtis) finally finishing off her brother/tormentor, the opening sequence of Halloween: Resurrection reveals that Laurie actually beheaded the wrong guy. Now confined to a mental institution, she quickly falls victim to her brother and longtime foe (played this time out by Brad Loree). Cut to Haddonfield, IL, where a sextet of college students is assembling for the production of an online reality show in which they'll spend the night locked up in the killer's childhood home being filmed by dozens of cameras and broadcast over the Internet. Presided over by fast-talking producer Freddie Harris (Busta Rhymes) and his girlfriend/business partner, Nora Winston (Tyra Banks), the players range from fame-hungry Jen (Katee Sackhoff) and
  • Pic_home_top_story

    'The Mission' tops Variety composers' poll of the all-time greatest film scores

    Type: Post | Date: Wednesday, Nov 14, 2012

    40 composers, from Michael Giacchino to Cliff Martinez, were surveyed
  • Mpr_ralph_home_top_story

    Movie power rankings: 'Star Wars' rules the galaxy once again

    Type: Article | Date: Saturday, Nov 10, 2012

    Where do 'Skyfall,' 'Flight' and 'Terminator' end up?
  • Orphan-black-tatiana-maslany-emmy_home_top_story

    If I Had An Emmy Ballot 2013: Outstanding Lead Actress in a Drama Series

    Type: Post | Date: Friday, Jun 21, 2013

    An unknown playing multiple roles, the returning favorite, a woman named Emmy, and more
  • Mates-of-state_home_top_story

    Death Cab, Fleetwood Mac, Tom Waits songs on Mates of State covers set

    Type: Post | Date: Wednesday, Apr 7, 2010

    Listen now to the duo's take on Girls' Laura