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    Record Store Day 2014: If we had $50...

    Type: Article | Date: Saturday, Apr 19, 2014

    Biggie, Mama, Joan, Hank, Pogues and more make our list
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    11 Fun Facts about U2, Duran Duran and Tears for Fears from 'Mad World'

    Type: Post | Date: Wednesday, Apr 16, 2014

    The oral history of New Wave artists bursts with entertaining stories
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    Robin Thicke - "Blurred Lines"

    Type: Event | Date: Tuesday, Jul 30, 2013

    Robin Thicke's newest album, "Blurred Lines," hits shelves today.
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    Natalie Maines - "Mother"

    Type: Event | Date: Tuesday, May 7, 2013

    The solo debut from Natalie Maines
  • Alicia-keys-in-her-vh1-storytellers-event_home_top_story

    VH1 Storytellers: Alicia Keys

    Type: Event | Date: Monday, Nov 12, 2012

    Tonight is the second night of three in a row with new episodes.
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    Pink-The Truth About Love Tour

    Type: Event | Date: Wednesday, Feb 13, 2013

    Location: US Airways Center, Phoenix, AZ
    Pink is kicking off her U.S. tour today in Phoenix.
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    Keyshia Cole - Calling All Hearts (Deluxe Edition)

    Type: Event | Date: Tuesday, Dec 21, 2010

    Keyshia hopes you want Cole for Christmas
  • 30 Rock: Seasons 1-3

    Type: Event | Date: Tuesday, Nov 24, 2009

    Includes:30 Rock: Jack Meets Dennis (2006) 30 Rock: Jack-Tor (2006) 30 Rock: The Break Up (2006) 30 Rock: The Aftermath (2006) 30 Rock: Blind Date (2006) 30 Rock: Jack the Writer (2006) 30 Rock: Pilot (2006) 30 Rock: The Rural Juror (2006) 30 Rock: The "C" Word (2006) 30 Rock: Tracy Does Conan (2006) 30 Rock: Black Tie (2007) 30 Rock: Cleveland (2007) 30 Rock: Corporate Crush (2007) 30 Rock: Fireworks (2007) 30 Rock: The Fighting Irish (2007) 30 Rock: The Source Awards (2007) 30 Rock: Hardball (2007) 30 Rock: Up All Night (2007) 30 Rock: The Head and the Hair (2007) 30 Rock: The Baby Show (2007) 30 Rock: Ludachristmas (2007) 30 Rock: SeinfeldVision (2007) 30 Rock: Jack Gets in the Game (2007) 30 Rock: The Collection (2007) 30 Rock: Rosemary's Baby (2007) 30 Rock: Greenzo (2007) 30 Rock: Somebody to Love (2007) 30 Rock: Cougars (2007) 30 Rock: Secrets and Lies (2007) 30 Rock: Hiatus (2007) 30 Rock: Cooter (2008) 30 Rock: Succession (2008) 30 Rock: Episode 2.10 (2008) 30 Rock: Subway Hero (2008) 30 Rock: Sandwich Day (2008) 30 Rock: Christmas Special (2008) 30 Rock: Reunion (2008) 30 Rock: Gavin Volure (2008) 30 Rock: The One with the Cast of Night Court (2008) 30 Rock: Believe in the Stars (2008) 30 Rock: Do-Over (2008) 30 Rock: MILF Island (2008) 30 Rock: Cutbacks (2009) 30 Rock: The Natural Order (2009) 30 Rock: The Ones (2009) 30 Rock: Jackie Jormp-Jomp (2009) 30 Rock: Apollo, Apollo (2009) 30 Rock: The Bubble (2009) 30 Rock: The Funcooker (2009) 30 Rock: Goodbye, My Friend (2009) 30 Rock: Larry King (2009) 30 Rock: St. Valentine's Day (2009) 30 Rock: Generalissimo (2009) 30 Rock: Retreat to Move Forward (2009) 30 Rock: Flu Shot (2009) 30 Rock: Senor Macho Solo (2009) 30 Rock: Mama Mia (2009) 30 Rock: Kidney Now! (2009) 30 Rock: Jack Meets Dennis No synopsis available. 30 Rock: Jack-Tor No synopsis available. 30 Rock: The Break Up No synopsis available. 30 Rock: The Aftermath No synopsis available. 30 Rock: Blind Date No synopsis available. 30 Rock: Jack the Writer No synopsis available. 30 Rock: Pilot Take a look at the chaos that unfolds behind the scenes of a live sketch comedy television series in the hit NBC series starring former SNL Weekend Update correspondent Tina Fey, former SNL cast member Tracy Morgan, and longtime screen star Alec Baldwin. In the premiere episode of 30 Rock, Liz (Fey) scrambles to find an act to replace the sketch of hers that has been cut from The Girlie Show at the last minute. Later, Liz and producer Pete (Scott Adsit) have a somewhat disenchanting meeting with new VP of Programming Jack Donaghy (Baldwin), who comes off as exceptionally arrogant and appears to want to change the entire format of the show. Additionally, Donaghy makes some sizable waves when he suggests bringing in controversial actor Tracy Jordan (Morgan) as the new star of the series. While Liz does eventually agree to meet with Tracy, the actor proves somewhat unpredictable and eventually drags her out to a soul food restaurant and a nearby strip club. Upon learning that Jack has fired Pete, Liz informs Tracy that she is going to quit The Girlie Show but Pete implores her not to quit over his firing. ~ Jason Buchanan, All Movie Guide 30 Rock: The Rural Juror No synopsis available. 30 Rock: The "C" Word No synopsis available. 30 Rock: Tracy Does Conan No synopsis available. 30 Rock: Black Tie No synopsis available. 30 Rock: Cleveland No synopsis available. 30 Rock: Corporate Crush No synopsis available. 30 Rock: Fireworks No synopsis available. 30 Rock: The Fighting Irish No synopsis available. 30 Rock: The Source Awards No synopsis available. 30 Rock: Hardball No synopsis available. 30 Rock: Up All Night No synopsis available. 30 Rock: The Head and the Hair No synopsis available. 30 Rock: The Baby Show No synopsis available. 30 Rock: Ludachristmas The staffers celebrate the holidays with a party---which comes complete with a lusty Santa. The festive occasion marks the arrival of Liz's parents (Buck Henry, Anita Gillette) and her brother (Andy Richter), a fortysomething man with memory loss who thinks he's a high-school senior. Another (unexpected) guest: Jack's mother (Elaine Stritch), who decidedly lacks Christmas cheer. ~ Dean Maurer, All Movie Guide 30 Rock: SeinfeldVision As the 30 Rockers return from summer hiatus, Liz continues her battles with Jack, whose latest ploy involves inserting clips from Seinfeld into current shows, an act that doesn't sit well with one Jerry Seinfeld (who appears as himself). Meanwhile, Jenna sees her waistline widen after starring in the play "Mystic Pizza: The Musical!" ~ Dean Maurer, All Movie Guide 30 Rock: Jack Gets in the Game Jack goes head-to-head against his archenemy, Devin Banks (Will Arnett), when both swoop in to take the job of possibly retiring GE honcho Don Geiss (Rip Torn). Meanwhile, Jenna's plus-size figure brings her newfound fame; and Kenneth sets out to reconnect Tracy with his wife (Sherri Shepherd). ~ Dean Maurer, All Movie Guide 30 Rock: The Collection Jack worries that ownership will unearth damaging information about him, so he enlists a private investigator (Steve Buscemi) to ward the company off. Meanwhile, Tracy's wife shadows her husband's every move to keep him in line. And Jenna, basking in the newfound celebrity her weight gain has given her, begins to lose pounds. ~ Dean Maurer, All Movie Guide 30 Rock: Rosemary's Baby Liz hires her idol, Rosemary Howard (Carrie Fisher), to be a guest writer on the show, but Rosemary's radical ideology causes much friction. Meanwhile, Jack takes Tracy to a therapist; and Kenneth's job is jeopardized. ~ Dean Maurer, All Movie Guide 30 Rock: Greenzo Al Gore, Meredith Vieira, and David Schwimmer guest star in this episode, in which Jack concocts an eco-friendly mascot for the network named Greenzo (Schwimmer). But Greenzo's self-righteous sermonizing soon grows tiresome and obnoxious. Meanwhile, Kenneth plans to throw his annual (and overly boring) house party. ~ Dean Maurer, All Movie Guide 30 Rock: Somebody to Love When an unlikely romance blossoms between Jack and a Democratic congresswoman (Edie Falco), the couple disregard their vast political differences and keep their new love a secret. Meanwhile, Liz suspects her neighbor (Fred Armisen) is a terrorist. ~ Dean Maurer, All Movie Guide 30 Rock: Cougars Tracy steps up to the plate when he coaches a rough-and-tumble inner-city Little League team as part of his community service, but Jack causes complications when he sets out to make the team a winner. Back at the Rock, a hunky young coffee guy woos Liz, despite their 17-year age difference. ~ Dean Maurer, All Movie Guide 30 Rock: Secrets and Lies Jack and C.C. face a romantic test when she suggests going public with their odd-couple relationship. Meanwhile, Liz tries to satisfy the diva needs of her two stars, Tracy and Jenna. Political commentator James Carville makes an appearance. ~ Dean Maurer, All Movie Guide 30 Rock: Hiatus No synopsis available. 30 Rock: Cooter Jack takes on new political work in Washington, D.C., but when the job doesn't meet his expectations, he enlists his ex-flame C.C. and a government staffer (Matthew Broderick) to help him get fired. Elsewhere, Liz faces a pregnancy scare; Kenneth aspires to be a page at the Olympics; and Tracy puts the final touches on his invention. ~ Dean Maurer, All Movie Guide 30 Rock: Succession High-profile corporate changes are in the air when chairman Don Geiss reveals that Jack will be his successor instead of Jack's nemesis, Devin Banks. But unforeseen health issues could change all that. Meanwhile, Tracy believes that his showbiz career embarrasses his son. ~ Dean Maurer, All Movie Guide 30 Rock: Episode 2.10 As Jack wheels and deals with German TV bigwigs to close a huge television project, he also works to keep his long-distance romance with C.C. alive and well. Meanwhile, Liz buys into real estate. And here's the buzz on Kenneth: He becomes addicted to caffeinated coffee. Singer Gladys Knight guest stars ~ Dean Maurer, All Movie Guide 30 Rock: Subway Hero Jack hopes to book a hot hero who prevented a terrible subway accident. It turns out the man is none other than Liz's ex-flame Dennis (Dean Winters), who tries to win back her heart. Meanwhile, Jack futilely searches for a hip Republican celebrity, with only aging 1940s TV star Bucky Bright (Tim Conway) emerging. Not to be outdone, Jack turns to Tracy to represent Republicans. ~ Dean Maurer, All Movie Guide 30 Rock: Sandwich Day Liz's ex-flame Floyd (Jason Sudeikis) returns to the Big Apple and looks for a place to stay overnight. Meanwhile, Jack worries about his future at the company when he's moved to a different floor; and the staffers relish Sandwich Day with sandwiches from a mysterious, unnamed shop. ~ Dean Maurer, All Movie Guide 30 Rock: Christmas Special When her parents ditch her during the holidays, a lonely Liz devotes herself to a charity program. Meanwhile, Jack's highly anticipated holiday plans are scratched, and he takes out his frustrations on the crew. And the staffers must drop all their plans to produce a Christmas special. Elaine Stritch guest stars. ~ Dean Maurer, All Movie Guide 30 Rock: Reunion Jack cajoles a reluctant Liz to attend her high-school reunion. Meanwhile, GE bigwig Don Geiss (Rip Torn), roused from his prolonged coma, delivers a stunning CEO announcement. Shocked by the news, Jack vents by accompanying Liz to her reunion. ~ Dean Maurer, All Movie Guide 30 Rock: Gavin Volure Jack and Liz visit Gavin Volure (Steve Martin), a colorful businessman who has a confidential business proposal---and who promptly falls for Liz. Meanwhile, Tracy fears that his children have concocted sinister plans against him. ~ Dean Maurer, All Movie Guide 30 Rock: The One with the Cast of Night Court Liz and Jenna receive a visit from their pal (Jennifer Aniston), a romantic prowler who sets her sights on landing Jack. Meanwhile, new page uniforms depress Kenneth, so Tracy tries to raise his spirits with a surprise involving the "Night Court" cast. Appearing: Harry Anderson, Markie Post and Charlie Robinson. ~ Dean Maurer, All Movie Guide 30 Rock: Believe in the Stars When Liz is assigned a seat next to Oprah Winfrey (playing herself) on an airplane, she hounds the sage talk-show host for personal advice. Meanwhile, a feuding Tracy and Jenna switch roles to determine whose life is harder; and Jack's value system is tested by Kenneth and an Olympics debacle. ~ Dean Maurer, All Movie Guide 30 Rock: Do-Over In the Season 3 opener, Liz hopes to adopt a child, but first she must impress an adoption evaluator (Megan Mullally). Meanwhile, a demoted Jack tangles yet again with nemesis Devin Banks (Will Arnett) as he tries to climb back up the corporate ladder at 30 Rock. ~ Dean Maurer, All Movie Guide 30 Rock: MILF Island Jack delights in the TV-programming juggernaut that is the reality show "MILF Island," but his happiness is short-lived when an unknown staffer disparages him in a gossip column. Jack, believing the public insult could threaten his push for the chairman position, sets out to identify the disloyal employee. Rob Huebel guest stars as the host of "MILF Island." ~ Dean Maurer, All Movie Guide 30 Rock: Cutbacks Joy about the 50th "TGS" episode turns to worry when word spreads about imminent budget cuts at 30 Rock. Before long, Jack must distribute pink slips, Kenneth takes on new responsibilities, and Liz wheels and deals to spare her staffers from layoffs. Meanwhile, Jenna and Tracy suspect that Kenneth is masking a deep dark secret. ~ Dean Maurer, All Movie Guide 30 Rock: The Natural Order Liz chides Tracy in front of the staffers, which compels Tracy to become more professional and mature. He forfeits all special treatment---but he feels that Liz should do the same. Meanwhile, Jack's tormenting mother (Elaine Stritch) arrives, only to dig up nasty memories about Jack's father. And Jenna adopts a monkey. Steve Buscemi guest stars. ~ Dean Maurer, All Movie Guide 30 Rock: The Ones Jack and Elisa (Salma Hayek) consider taking their romance to the next level, so Jack shops around for an engagement ring, with Liz in tow. Jack also seeks wisdom about the realities of marriage and consults a very unlikely person---Tracy. Meanwhile, a prank goes awry at "TGS," resulting in an injury and a gushing Jenna's encounter with a sightly emergency responder. ~ Dean Maurer, All Movie Guide 30 Rock: Jackie Jormp-Jomp Saddled with a suspension from work, a lost Liz misses all the "TGS" chaos and seeks a way to bide her time. Meanwhile, film bigwigs mull over pulling the plug on Jenna's Janis Joplin movie, so Jack and Jenna try (just a little bit harder) to stir up buzz. ~ Dean Maurer, All Movie Guide 30 Rock: Apollo, Apollo As his 50th birthday approaches, a sentimental Jack tries to re-create happy moments from his boyhood after watching old home movies. Meanwhile, Liz's ex-flame Dennis (Dean Winters) returns, confessing about an addiction and activating catty friction between Liz and Jenna. Then there's Tracy, who focuses on fulfilling a childhood dream. ~ Dean Maurer, All Movie Guide 30 Rock: The Bubble Liz gives attention to her budding relationship with Drew (Jon Hamm), but she discovers that his pleasing appearance has granted him special treatment in life. Meanwhile, Tracy's contract expires, causing Jack to go full throttle in a bid to re-sign him for the show. And Jenna considers getting a new hairstyle in yet another ploy to get public attention. Meredith Vieira guest stars. ~ Dean Maurer, All Movie Guide 30 Rock: The Funcooker When "TGS" den mother Liz is called in to jury duty, the unmanaged cast and crew create havoc at 30 Rock. Meanwhile, Jack fails to heed the staffers when he grows obsessed with launching a new big-money product. Chris Parnell guest stars. ~ Dean Maurer, All Movie Guide 30 Rock: Goodbye, My Friend Liz's baby fever rises when she chums up to a pregnant teenage donut-shop staffer in a bid to adopt her baby. At 30 Rock, Jenna pushes for more attention as her birthday approaches. And Jack participates in a guys' night out, only to connect with Frank over their "daddy issues." John Lithgow and Patti LuPone guest star. ~ Dean Maurer, All Movie Guide 30 Rock: Larry King Jack hopes to take his romance with Elisa (Salma Hayek) to the next level, but balancing work and love proves difficult. Elsewhere, Tracy's interview with Larry King (appearing as himself) causes New York to spiral into citywide chaos. But that doesn't stop Liz from sending Kenneth into the crazed metropolis to retrieve her lost cell phone. Meredith Vieira also guest stars. ~ Dean Maurer, All Movie Guide 30 Rock: St. Valentine's Day Romance sweeps over the 30 Rockers on Valentine's Day: Liz demands that her first official date with Drew (Jon Hamm) be on the lovers' holiday; Jack spends an offbeat date at church with Elisa (Salma Hayek); and Tracy helps Kenneth woo a new hire. ~ Dean Maurer, All Movie Guide 30 Rock: Generalissimo Liz discovers that her new neighbor (Jon Hamm) is a handsome, newly single doctor, but the romantically luckless lass fumbles in her efforts to win his favor. Meanwhile, Jack continues to woo Elisa (Salma Hayek) and tries to impress her grandmother, but his stunning likeness to a Spanish soap villain doesn't help matters. Then there's Tracy, who parties with the new interns but can't measure up to their hard-carousing ways. ~ Dean Maurer, All Movie Guide 30 Rock: Retreat to Move Forward A nervous Jack coaxes Liz into going to a corporate retreat with him. Meanwhile, Jenna prepares for her role as rock icon Janis Joplin by employing method-acting techniques---with help from Frank. And Kenneth sets out to show Tracy that diet has an impact on diabetes. ~ Dean Maurer, All Movie Guide 30 Rock: Flu Shot When the flu quickly spreads around 30 Rock, Liz works to ensure that the staffers receive their shots. Administering the vaccinations: Dr. Spaceman (Chris Parnell). Meanwhile, Elisa (Salma Hayek) is busy and overworked, but that doesn't stop Jack from using novel approaches to spend time with her. ~ Dean Maurer, All Movie Guide 30 Rock: Senor Macho Solo Liz's quest to have a baby takes a peculiar turn when she grows attracted to a new fellow (Peter Dinklage). And Jack's a busy man: He woos his mother's nurse (Salma Hayek); helps Jenna score a role as Janis Joplin; and gives marriage pointers to Tracy and his wife (Sherri Shepherd). ~ Dean Maurer, All Movie Guide 30 Rock: Mama Mia With a reassuring push from Liz and Tracy, Jack begins a quest to find his real father. Meanwhile, Tracy presents his newfound illegitimate son to the "TGS" staffers, but Liz and Pete worry that the son has ulterior motives. And Jenna gets credit for one of Liz's ideas. Alan Alda and Steve Buscemi guest star. ~ Dean Maurer, All Movie Guide 30 Rock: Kidney Now! Season 3 closes with Jack trying to connect with his biological father (Alan Alda), but the elder's health begins to suffer. Elsewhere, Liz gains fame as a relationship expert. Among the music artists appearing: Sheryl Crow; Mary J. Blige; Elvis Costello; Clay Aiken; and Adam Levine of Maroon 5. ~ Dean Maurer, All Movie Guide
  • Dreamgirls/Footloose

    Type: Event | Date: Tuesday, Nov 3, 2009

    Includes:Grease (1978), MPAA Rating: PG Footloose (1984), MPAA Rating: PG Dreamgirls (2006), MPAA Rating: PG-13 Grease "Grease," said the poster and the Barry Gibb song, "is the word." Transferring its setting from Chicago to sunny California, and adding a dash of disco to the ersatz '50s score, producer Allan Carr and director Randal Kleiser turned this long-running Jim Jacobs - Warren Casey Broadway smash into the biggest blockbuster of 1978. 1950s teens Danny (John Travolta) and Australian transfer Sandy (Olivia Newton-John) spend their "Summer Nights" falling in love, but once fall comes, it's back to Rydell High and its cliques. As one of the bad boy T-Birds, Danny has to act cool for best pal Kenickie (Jeff Conaway) and their leather-clad mates Sonny (Michael Tucci) and Doody (Barry Pearl, in the role Travolta played on stage). Despite befriending Frenchy (Didi Conn), one of the rebel Pink Ladies, virginal Sandy is "too pure to be Pink," as the Ladies' leader Rizzo (Stockard Channing) acidly observes. Declaring their devotion in such ballads as "Hopelessly Devoted to You" and "Sandy," Sandy and Danny split, reconcile, and split again amidst a pep rally, dances, drive-ins, and a drag race, before deciding "You're the One That I Want" at the climactic carnival. With Travolta white-hot from Saturday Night Fever (1977), Grease soundtrack singles climbed the charts and summer movie crowds poured in. With the presence of Joan Blondell, Eve Arden, Sid Caesar, Edd "Kookie" Byrnes and Frankie Avalon appealing to grown-up memories, Grease became the highest grossing film of 1978, the highest grossing movie musical ever, and the third most popular film of the new blockbuster '70s after Star Wars (1977) and Jaws (1975). Its sequel, Grease 2, did not exactly set the world on fire in 1982. ~ Lucia Bozzola, All Movie Guide Footloose In this lively adolescent-oriented musical, a city kid attempts to adapt to life in an ultra-conservative backwater Midwestern town. Once there, he ends up leading the repressed teenagers into a rebellion against the town fathers, who have outlawed rock & roll and dancing. ~ Sandra Brennan, All Movie Guide Dreamgirls Director Bill Condon brings Tom Eyen's Tony award-winning Broadway musical to the big screen in a tale of dreams, stardom, and the high cost of success in the cutthroat recording industry. The time is the 1960s, and singers Effie (Jennifer Hudson), Lorrell (Anika Noni Rose), and Deena (Beyoncé Knowles) are about to find out just what it's like to have their wildest dreams come true. Discovered at a local talent show by ambitious manager Curtis Taylor Jr. (Jamie Foxx), the trio known as "the Dreamettes" is soon offered the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity of opening for popular singer James "Thunder" Early (Eddie Murphy). Subsequently molded into an unstoppable hit machine by Taylor and propelled into the spotlight as "the Dreams," the girls quickly find their bid for the big time taking priority over personal friendship as Taylor edges out the ultra-talented Effie so that the more beautiful Deena can become the face of the group. Now, as the crossover act continues to dominate the airwaves, the small-town girls with big-city dreams slowly begin to realize that the true cost of fame may be higher than any of them ever anticipated. ~ Jason Buchanan, All Movie Guide
  • Nicholas Cage Star Collection

    Type: Event | Date: Tuesday, Nov 3, 2009

    Includes:Valley Girl (1983), MPAA Rating: R Moonstruck (1987), MPAA Rating: PG Honeymoon in Vegas (1992), MPAA Rating: PG-13 Leaving Las Vegas (1995), MPAA Rating: R Valley Girl A satiric romantic comedy, Martha Coolidge's Valley Girl is a testimony to the short-lived Southern California '80s craze. Julie (Deborah Foreman) is a good-natured teenager following a swarm of pastel pink valley girls, who utter "gag me" at every opportunity. To her friends' dismay , Julie breaks up with her egotistical boyfriend, Tommy (Michael Bowen), while shopping at the mall. All the valley kids go to a party that night, and Tommy immediately tries to bed one of Julie's friends. Randy (Nicolas Cage), a bad boy from Hollywood, shows up and crashes the party. Open-minded Julie flirts with him before he is literally thrown out, presumably just for looking different. Smitten with Julie, Randy sneaks back into the party to talk to her again. Julie drags a whimpering valley friend with her to spend the night cruising with Randy in Hollywood. After an extended courtship, Randy is in love with Julie, and she must choose between him and Tommy, who wants her back. Her friends refuse to accept Randy, who makes many exaggerated attempts to win back her love. Finally, after she has a heartfelt talk with her dad (Frederic Forrest), love triumphs at the prom. ~ Andrea LeVasseur, All Movie Guide Moonstruck When there's a full moon over Brooklyn, anything can happen, and everything happens in the neighborhood where widowed bookkeeper Loretta Castorini (Cher) lives. First, Loretta agrees to marry a man she does not love, Johnny Cammareri (Danny Aiello), simply because he knows how to propose properly. Before the wedding can take place, Cammareri must visit his dying mother in Sicily. In his absence, Loretta is supposed to try to patch up the differences between Johnny and his brother, bakery operator Ronny Cammareri (Nicolas Cage). Having never forgiven Johnny for indirectly causing the accident that crippled him, Ronny flies into a rage whenever his brother's name is mentioned. He does, however, fall for Loretta like a ton of bricks. After a torrid affair, Loretta tries to avoid Ronny out of respect to Johnny, but he's just too fascinating to resist. Meanwhile, Loretta's father (Vincent Gardenia) is fooling around with his mistress Mona (Anita Gillette), while Loretta's mother (Olympia Dukakis) is wooed by a college professor (John Mahoney). These brief flings are forgiven and forgotten, but there's still the delicate situation of Loretta being in love with her future brother-in-law. A now-classic romantic comedy, Moonstruck won Oscars for Cher, Olympia Dukakis, and screenwriter John Patrick Shanley. ~ Hal Erickson, All Movie Guide Honeymoon in Vegas After making a deathbed promise to his mother that he would never marry, Jack Singer (Nicolas Cage) finds that resolve challenged when his girlfriend, Betsy (Sarah Jessica Parker), begins making noise about wanting to start a family. Worried he might lose her, Jack makes the rash decision that they should fly to Las Vegas that weekend to tie the knot. Feet still cold, Jack spurns Betsy's idea to get married the moment they step off the plane, preferring to procrastinate for a few hours over a game of poker arranged by notorious gambler Tommy Korman (James Caan). Peddling the game as a get-to-know-you thrown by the hotel, Korman steadily raises the stakes on Jack until the novice is in for 65,000 dollars of the house's money on a hand he's sure he'll win -- a straight flush to the jack. When he loses the fixed hand, the flabbergasted Jack has a major problem on his hands. Korman offers an unusual solution: If Betsy, whom Korman spotted in the lobby because of her resemblance to his late wife, will spend the weekend with him, Jack's debt will be forgiven. Betsy initially refuses, considering it a ploy by Jack to postpone the wedding, but soon agrees to fly to Hawaii with Korman, in part because it will teach
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