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    Lady Gaga, Tina Fey, Josh Groban set for 'Muppets Most Wanted' soundtrack

    Type: Post | Date: Wednesday, Mar 12, 2014

    They join Miss Piggy, Kermit and the whole Muppet gang
  • The Muppets - being green teaser

    Type: Video | Date: Monday, Jun 20, 2011

    The Kermit oath is spoken
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    DVR Gridlock 2015-16: Tuesday Nights

    Type: Post | Date: Tuesday, May 26, 2015

    Rob Lowe and John Stamos won't dethrone CBS' 'NCIS' duo
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    The Muppets spoof Bond, 'Face/Off,' 'Tinker Tailor' in new 'Most Wanted' posters

    Type: Article | Date: Friday, Mar 7, 2014

    Piggy, Kermit and the evil Constantine take on Hollywood
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    The Muppets spoof Bond, 'Face/Off,' 'Tinker Tailor' in new 'Most Wanted' posters

    Type: Gallery | Date: Friday, Mar 7, 2014

    Kermit looks a lot friendlier than James Bond (Daniel Craig) did on the "...
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    Want to hear the first original new song from 'Muppets Most Wanted'?

    Type: Article | Date: Thursday, Feb 27, 2014

    Is 'Do It All Again' another Oscar winning tune?
  • The Muppets - Teaser - Fuzzy Pack

    Type: Video | Date: Friday, May 27, 2011

    Yo frog! The Fuzzy Pack is back
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    Romance Troubles for Kermit and Miss Piggy?

    Type: Article | Date: Monday, Mar 10, 2014

    Can you handle watching two childhood icons brawl?
  • Muppets from Space/Muppets Take Manhattan

    Type: Event | Date: Tuesday, Dec 29, 2009

    Includes:The Muppets Take Manhattan (1984), MPAA Rating: G Muppets from Space (1999), MPAA Rating: G The Muppets Take Manhattan Jim Henson's Muppets find themselves in Manhattan yearning to get a musical on Broadway in this charming film that also chides show business and its foibles. Kermit the Frog has just put together a successful variety show at Danhurst college (probably somewhere between Amherst and Dartmouth), and although he would like to mount it on Broadway so he would have a hit and be able to marry Miss Piggy, he cannot find backers. The Muppets are then forced to take jobs to support themselves, and it is while working as a waiter that Kermit meets the friendly Jennie (Juliana Donald). Jennie is the daughter of the owner of the restaurant and a source of great jealousy for Miss Piggy, who does not like competition. With stunning musical numbers involving a hundred or so Muppets and on-scene locations in New York City, the film is impressive in its merging of technical achievements and acting. ~ Eleanor Mannikka, All Movie Guide Muppets from Space At long last, the secret of just what the Great Gonzo happens to be is revealed! As Gonzo and his friend Rizzo hit the road in search of their roots, Gonzo makes a shocking discovery: his parents are actually space aliens from another galaxy. After announcing this startling news on Miss Piggy's talk show (hey, if Ricki Lake and Rosie O'Donnell can do it, why not Miss Piggy?), Gonzo finds himself the subject of a dark and mysterious government conspiracy, led by the nefarious K. Edgar Singer (Jeffrey Tambor). In time, Gonzo is forced to choose: should he hop on board the UFO and sail off to live with his family, or stay on Earth with the friends he knows and loves? Muppets From Space once again pairs the late Jim Henson's creations with a stellar cast of human beings, including F. Murray Abraham, David Arquette, Ray Liotta, and Andie MacDowell. ~ Mark Deming, All Movie Guide
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    HitFix Interview: Seven questions with Kermit the Frog

    Type: Post | Date: Tuesday, Dec 6, 2011

    The green box-office star reveals his secret to aging gracefully