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  • Alicia-keys-on-maybe-playing-lena-horn-and-scoring-the-inevitable-defeat-of-mister-pete_home_top_story
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  • Theatre_bizarre_home_top_story

    The Theatre Bizarre

    Type: Event | Date: Friday, Jan 27, 2012

    This new anthology of horror stories features several directors trying to give us a fright.
  • Chris Calloway - Sings the Lena Horn Songbook

    Type: Event | Date: Tuesday, Nov 10, 2009

    Chris Calloway - Sings the Lena Horn Songbook
  • The Wiz - DVD

    Type: Event | Date: Sunday, Nov 1, 2009

    Sidney Lumet's The Wiz is the film version of the popular Broadway musical that retells the events of L. Frank Baum's classic novel The Wonderful Wizard of Oz through the eyes of a young African-American kindergarten teacher who's "never been below 125th Street." Leaving a large family dinner to chase her dog into a snowstorm, Dorothy (Diana Ross) is swept up by a cyclone and transplanted to the land of Oz -- which looks suspiciously like a skewed version of the run-down Manhattan of the late '70s. Landing on top of the Wicked Witch of the East, the puzzled Dorothy is greeted by munchkins who peel themselves from a graffiti mural and sing to her about the Wiz (Richard Pryor), a powerful wizard living in Emerald City who can help her get home. On her journey down the yellow brick road, she encounters a garbage-stuffed scarecrow (Michael Jackson) in a junkyard, a broken-down tin man (Nipsey Russell) caught in the decay of an old amusement park, and a cowardly lion (Ted Ross) posing as a stone statue outside a museum. The quartet tangles with a subway station that comes to life, a poppy den, and a gaggle of motorcycle henchman on their way to the Wiz -- who orders them to kill the Wicked Witch of the West (a sweatshop tyrant) before he will grant them their wishes. The Wiz has about double the large-scale production numbers of The Wizard of Oz (1939), with songs written and composed by Charlie Smalls. ~ Derek Armstrong, All Movie Guide
  • Lena-dunham-and-kate-mckinnon_home_top_story

    Recap: 'Saturday Night Live' – Lena Dunham And The National

    Type: Post | Date: Saturday, Mar 8, 2014

    The "Girls" creator and star makes her "SNL" debut
  • Amyadamsphilipseymourhoffmanwake_home_top_story

    Amy Adams, Cate Blanchett, Joaquin Phoenix attend Philip Seymour Hoffman wake

    Type: Article | Date: Friday, Feb 7, 2014

    Private funeral set for Friday
  • Happy 10th anniversary, Janet Jackson's Nipplegate!

    Type: Post | Date: Friday, Jan 31, 2014

    Happy 10th anniversary, Janet Jackson's Nipplegate! How Fox will cover Super Bowl Sunday Blame the Internet for making Super Bowl ads more weird
  • True-blood_home_top_story

    TV's Most Memorable Sex Scenes: 'True Blood,' 'Mad Men,' 'Game of Thrones'

    Type: Gallery | Date: Wednesday, Jan 8, 2014

    Episode: "The Replacements" Set the mood: Queenie (Gabourey Sidib...
  • Ai12_mentor_h_connick_jr_0024_final_home_top_story

    Recap: 'American Idol' - Top 4, take two: Now and Then

    Type: Post | Date: Wednesday, May 1, 2013

    What will Amber, Kree, Angie and Candice sing with the help of Harry Connick Jr.?
  • The-mortal-instruments-city-of-boneslilycollinslssonypictures_home_top_story

    Set Visit: Lily Collins takes a dark trip in 'The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones'

    Type: Article | Date: Thursday, Feb 14, 2013

    HitFix gets a behind-the-scenes look at the upcoming YA adaptation
  • Gram_taylor_swift_perform_02_home_top_story

    Live Blogging the 2013 Grammy Awards

    Type: Post | Date: Sunday, Feb 10, 2013

    Who the Black Keys, fun., or Mumford & Sons be the big winner
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