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    The Snow Queen

    Type: Event | Date: Friday, Oct 11, 2013

    A Snow Queen sets out to destroy the world in this animated tale.
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    Off the Carpet: Will Harvey have his first Oscar off-year since 2007?

    Type: Post | Date: Tuesday, Jan 7, 2014

    Also: Where's the love for 'Dallas Buyers Club' director Jean-Marc Vallée?
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    'English Patient' and 'Amadeus' producer Saul Zaentz dies at 92

    Type: Article | Date: Sunday, Jan 5, 2014

    Brought the animated 'Lord of the Rings' to theaters
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    'Imitation of Life' Oscar nominee dies

    Type: Article | Date: Wednesday, Jan 1, 2014

    Juanita Moore was 99
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    'Breaking Bad,' Netflix hit it big with WGA nominations

    Type: Post | Date: Thursday, Dec 5, 2013

    By submitting 'Orange Is the New Black' as a comedy, Netflix got 5 nominations
  • Summertree - DVD

    Type: Event | Date: Tuesday, Sep 8, 2009

    As he lies dying in Vietnam, a young soldier (Michael Douglas) recalls the events leading up to this moment. He remembers his sweetheart (Brenda Vaccaro), to whom he couldn't make a commitment. He recalls the battles he'd had with his parents (Jack Warden, Barbara Bel Geddes), when he forsook college to become a musician and when he planned to evade the draft. And he remembers the "summertree" where he spent many of his happiest days before being shipped off to Southeast Asia. Based on Ron Cowen's off-Broadway play, Summertree has one or two compelling moments, but most of it is a compendium of 1970s movies cliches, right down to the fragmentary storyline and "hip" photography. ~ Hal Erickson, All Movie Guide
  • Dangerous Dames Collection

    Type: Event | Date: Tuesday, Sep 8, 2009

    Includes:Lady of Burlesque (1943) The Strange Love of Martha Ivers (1946) Too Late for Tears (1949) Blonde Ice (1949) Key Man (1954) Please Murder Me (1956) Lady of Burlesque Barbara Stanwyck shines in her second portrayal of a showgirl in less than two years (the first was in Howard Hawks' Ball of Fire in 1941). In Lady of Burlesque -- which, at times, has a Hawksian edge to the dialogue -- she portrays Dixie Daisy, a striptease artist at a Broadway theater in New York at the end of the 1930s. In the course of fending off the unwanted advances of brash comic Biff Brannigan (Michael O'Shea), with whom she is teamed in several numbers, and staying clear of the dressing room feuds of her fellow dancers -- including a very nasty dispute between Dolly Baxter (Gloria Dickson) and Lolita La Verne (Victoria Faust) -- she finds herself up to her neck in trouble when one of the women is found strangled with her own G-string. The police don't know what to make of it, especially as the victim was already dying of a fatal dose of poison, which means that there are two murderers somewhere in the theater; and when a second woman turns up strangled inside a prop that Dixie was supposed to be hiding in onstage, she looks like a good suspect. Between the backstage comedy-drama, and the songs, dances, and on-stage comic routines, with the police breathing down both their necks at different times, Dixie and Biff manage to solve the mystery and find each other in this briskly paced, funny, yet amazingly gritty comedy-thriller. Lady of Burlesque was allowed to fall out of copyright in 1971, and since then it was seen in substandard editions until the May 2001 DVD release from Image Entertainment. ~ Bruce Eder, All Movie Guide The Strange Love of Martha Ivers In The Strange Love of Martha Ivers, relationships formed in childhood lead to murder and obsessive love. The wealthy Martha Ivers (Barbara Stanwyck) is the prime mover of the small Pennsylvania town of Iverston. Martha lives in a huge mansion with her DA husband, Walter O'Neil (Kirk Douglas), an alcoholic weakling. No one knows just why Martha and Walter tolerate one another....but Sam Masterson (Van Heflin), an Iverstown boy who returns to town, may just have a clue. At least that's what Martha thinks when Sam asks Walter to intervene in the case of Toni Marachek (Lizabeth Scott), who has been unjustly imprisoned. It seems that, as a young boy, Sam was in the vicinity when Martha's rich aunt (Judith Anderson) met with her untimely demise. What does Sam know? And what dark, horrible secret binds Martha and Walter together? Directed by Lewis Milestone, and based on John Patrick's Oscar-nominated original story, Love Lies Bleeding, The Strange Love of Martha Ivers creates in Martha a unique and interesting, driven, obsessed, and spoiled character, but one not without sympathy. Barbara Stanwyck is outstanding as Martha, with her predatory smile and sharp, manicured nails. Kirk Douglas is surprisingly convincing as a lost, sad, weak man, who loves his wife, but is unable to gain her respect. The Strange Love of Martha Ivers eventually lapsed into public domain and became a ubiquitous presence on cable television. ~ Hal Erickson, All Movie Guide Too Late for Tears When Lizabeth Scott's Jane Greer husband Arthur Kennedy accidentally gets his mitts on $60,000 in stolen money, she insists that he keep the dough rather than turn it over to the authorities. Two-bit private eye Dan Duryea catches on to Scott's subterfuge, and demands that she turn the cash over to him. Scott persuades Duryea to split the money with her--then, determining that Kennedy might be too honest for everyone's own good, she murders her husband. To cover her tracks, Scott reports her husband as missing. This brings in yet another fly in the ointment: Don DeFore, the brother of Scott's first husband, who died under mysterious circumstances. The already knotted webs of intrigue become even more tangled before Scott's ironic c
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