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    Indie artist Jeff Hanson dies in apparent accident

    Type: Article | Date: Sunday, Jun 7, 2009

    Born 1978, the singer-songwriter was signed to Kill Rock Stars
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    Elliott Smith get an 'Introduction' via Kill Rock Stars

    Type: Post | Date: Thursday, Aug 12, 2010

    Is this really necessary?
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    Listen: Previously unreleased Elliott Smith track 'Cecilia/Amanda'

    Type: Article | Date: Tuesday, Dec 15, 2009

    Late singer-songwriter's 'Roman Candle' gets the remastering treatment
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    Interview: Corin Tucker on 'Kill My Blues,' Odd Future and Pussy Riot

    Type: Post | Date: Tuesday, Sep 18, 2012

    Watch the Corin Tucker Band's music video for 'Neskowin'
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    HitFix 2011 SXSW Music Podcast No. 3: tUnE-yArDs, Smoking Popes

    Type: Post | Date: Tuesday, Mar 15, 2011

    Lift to Experience's Josh T. Pearson, Little Scream, Thao and more
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    This Week in New Music: Low, Foxygen, National Park System, Carmen Villain

    Type: Post | Date: Saturday, Jan 12, 2013

    Check out videos and tracks from Generationals, William Tyler, Mobley and others
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    Bruno Mars, 'American Idol's' David Archuleta, Toby Keith lead new releases

    Type: Post | Date: Monday, Oct 4, 2010

    KT Tunstall, Fistful of Mercy and Avett Bros. also bring new offerings
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    Primetime Emmy Awards

    Type: Event | Date: Sunday, Sep 20, 2009

    Recognizing television's biggest achievements, with host Neil Patrick Harris
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    Bruce Willis returning to sci-fi for upcoming 'Vice'

    Type: Article | Date: Thursday, Feb 13, 2014

    K5 sells international rights at Berlin's European Film Market
  • 20 Movie Star Films

    Type: Event | Date: Tuesday, Feb 24, 2009

    Includes:Five Minutes to Live (1961) Maybe I'll Come Home in the Spring (1970) Death Sentence (1972) The Last of the Belles (1974) The Swiss Conspiracy (1977), MPAA Rating: PG Shalimar: The Deadly Thief (1978) The Concrete Cowboys (1979) Crossbar (1979) Lovers and Liars (1979), MPAA Rating: R Loose Shoes (1980), MPAA Rating: R The Promise of Love (1980) Cuba Crossing (1980), MPAA Rating: R High Risk (1981) BMX Bandits (1983) Somewhere Tomorrow (1983), MPAA Rating: PG Arch of Triumph (1985) Mesmerized (1986), MPAA Rating: PG A Hazard of Hearts (1987) Bail Out (1989), MPAA Rating: R Laser Mission (1990), MPAA Rating: R Five Minutes to Live Johnny Cabot (Johnny Cash) is a bloodthirsty New Jersey gangster who is forced to hide out in a small California suburb after killing a cop during a job gone wrong. He's given a chance to get back in the game by Fred Dorella (Vic Tayback), a crook with a novel plan for a foolproof bank heist. Dorella has been studying the daily habits of the Harper Federal Trust vice president Ken Wilson (Donald Woods). He learns that Wilson and his wife Nancy (Cay Forester) are on a strict schedule every morning and Dorella plans to use their dull routine against them. After Wilson goes to work, Johnny tricks his way into the house with Nancy by pretending to be a door-to-door guitar salesman, and then holds her hostage. At the same time, Dorella visits Wilson at the bank and demands 70,000 dollars in cash. If he doesn't get the loot and contact Johnny by phone at a specified time, Nancy will be killed. What Dorella hasn't counted on is that the Wilson home is not a happy one, and Ken is planning on running away with his mistress that very evening. Meanwhile, the leering, sadistic Johnny taunts Nancy about being "the perfect wife." He does all he can to humiliate her, forcing her to put on makeup and a flimsy negligee, slapping her around and singing menacing songs. When the Wilsons' son Bobby (Ron Howard) comes home from school for lunch, a terrifying showdown with the police leads to tragedy. Guitar legend Merle Travis has a small role as a cowardly bowling alley owner in this crime drama, which was re-released in 1966 under the title Door-to-Door Maniac. ~ Fred Beldin, All Movie Guide Maybe I'll Come Home in the Spring Sally Field had her first significant dramatic role in this "generation gap" TV movie. After a year's time in the world of hippies and drugs, Field returns home to the parents who'd all but booted her out. Mom and Dad (Eleanor Parker and Jackie Cooper) try their best to understand their wayward daughter, but still can't overcome their judgmental attitude. When Field's younger sister (Lane Bradbury) begins experimenting with drugs, her parents react with the same blind, close-minded rage that had driven Field away the year before. Realizing that she can never really come home, Field leaves once more, hoping that someday she and her parents can solve their problems without recriminations and screaming. Unlike other "youth" films of the 1970s, Maybe I'll Come Home in the Spring refuses to take sides: Field's hippie lifestyle is shown to be just as shallow as her parent's suburban existence. ~ Hal Erickson, All Movie Guide Death Sentence Originally made for television, this story focuses on a woman selected for jury duty. During a murder trial, she discovers that the accused is the wrong man; she also finds that the real killer is after her. ~ John Bush, All Movie Guide The Last of the Belles No synopsis available. The Swiss Conspiracy Filmed on location in Zurich, Switzerland, The Swiss Conspiracy is concerned with a Swiss bank that discovers some of its clients are becoming the victim of a brilliant blackmailer. The bank's president (Ray Milland) contacts David Christopher (played by David Janssen), a former agent with the U.S. Treasury, to help discover who the blackmailer is and to foil his plot. As Christopher delves into the mystery, he uncovers a complicated web of intrigue, car chases, and shoot-outs that takes all of his wits to unravel. Along the way, Christopher encounters the beautiful Denise Abbott (Senta Berger), with whom he develops a relationship, as well as Rita Jensen (Elke Sommer) and Robert Hayes (John Saxon), who know more than they are willing to tell. ~ Craig Butler, All Movie Guide Shalimar: The Deadly Thief Deadly Thief is the American video title of the Indian feature Shalimar. The title character is played by, of all people, Rex Harrison. He's an eccentric millionaire who assembles the cream of the world's criminal crop for the mother of all heists. They are to steal a valuable ruby-from Shalimar himself. If they fail, the penalty is death-which may be preferable compared to the perils they face in trying to succeed. Interesting variation on themes explored in earlier Harrison vehicle The Honey Pot. The Hindi-language version of Shalimar did OK in Indian theatres, but the English-language version never received British or American release. ~ Hal Erickson, All Movie Guide The Concrete Cowboys Two Montana saddletramps head for bustling Music City and open up a detective agency in this comical adventure that was originally the pilot of a television series. Not only do the two have to accustom themselves to strange big-city ways, they have to learn to become less inept at the gumshoe game as they try to expose extortionists and return a missing singer. Singers Barbara Mandrell and Roy Acuff make cameo appearances. On video the film is titled Ramblin' Man. ~ Sandra Brennan, All Movie Guide Crossbar Adapted from a true story, a pole-vaulter (Aaron Kornylo) attempts to overcome the lack of a leg during the Olympic trials. ~ John Bush, All Movie Guide Lovers and Liars A presumptuous American actress falls for a handsome Italian banker before embarking on the misadventure of a lifetime in this comedy of errors starring Goldie Hawn and Giancarlo Giannini. Anita (Hawn) is an American actress vacationing in Rome. When the free-spirited screen star sets her sights on a friendly banker named Guido (Giannini) who's currently en route to visit his ailing father, she agrees to join him on his trip without realizing that her handsome traveling companion is a married man. In the days that follow Anita and Guido will form a special bond as their journey together leads them from one comic disaster to the next. ~ Jason Buchanan, All Movie Guide Loose Shoes Preview trailers for movies not coming to a theater near you are collected in this satiric comedy. Loose Shoes is a sketch comedy which takes the form of a series of "coming attractions" for movies that don't happen to exist. The oddball trailers include the Billy Jack parody Billy Jerk Goes to Oz, the family comedy The Shaggy Studio Executive, a ribald Ma and Pa Kettle take-off, a biker film satire called Skateboarders From Hell, a vintage musical short entitled Darktown After Dark, a politically incorrect Charlie Chaplin two-reeler, a Play It Again, Sam goof in which "Duddy Allen" seeks romantic advice from a guy he thinks is the ghost of Clark Gable, and much more. Loose Shoes includes pre-fame performances from Bill Murray, Howard Hesseman, Ed Lauter, and Harry Shearer, while cult favorites Susan Tyrrell, Sid Haig, Jaye P. Morgan, Kinky Friedman, and Van Dyke Parks also appear in the cast. ~ Mark Deming, All Movie Guide The Promise of Love In this drama, a young woman gives up college and marries her boyfriend, a Marine. Unfortunately, he is killed in Vietnam. ~ Sandra Brennan, All Movie Guide Cuba Crossing Assignment: Kill Castro was originally released as Cuba Crossing. Stuart Whitman stars as a mercenary hired to "off" the Cuban dictator. He soon discovers that he will be immediately expendable once the deed is done, and that co-stars like Robert Vaughn should not automatically be trusted. Raymond St. Jacques, Woody Strode and Caren Kaye are among the good actors who appear fitfully in the film; the bulk of the story, however, is carried by such inexpensive unknowns as Mary Lou Gassen. Don't miss jewelry-bedecked pop star Monty Rock III as a "cruiser"--and we don't mean the Evinrude variety. A giveaway that Assignment: Kill Castro had trouble finding an audience is its plethora of alternate titles; in addition to Cuba Crossing, the film was also known as Kill Castro, The Mercenaries and Sweet Violent Tony. ~ Hal Erickson, All Movie Guide High Risk Stewart Raffill directs the high-action comedy caper High Risk about a four-man band of theives trying to pull off the perfect crime. Stone (James Brolin), Tony (Chick Venera), Dan (Bruce Davidson), and Rockney (Cleavon Little) hire two inept airplane pilots and plot a major heist. The plan is to rob a mansion in South America belonging to the wealthy drug lord Serrano (James Coburn). After they break open his safe and steal five million dollars, they try to escape the jungle while being followed by the Columbian army and a group of bandits led by Mariano (Anthony Quinn). Ernest Borgnine appears in a brief cameo. ~ Andrea LeVasseur, All Movie Guide BMX Bandits PJ (Angelo D'Angelo), and Goose (James Lugton) are bored Australian BMX riders whose bikes have been totaled. Setting off on an intended fishing trip with their friend Judy (Nicole Kidman), they stumble instead upon a cache of stolen police walkie-talkies, which they decide to sell for new BMX gear. Unfortunately, the radios had orginally been swiped by a murderous gang of bank robbers, with whom they soon become entangled. With no more of a plot peg than this, BMX Bandits turns into a movie-long chase. It's nonthink entertainment, true, but the biking scenes are expertly photographed and edited, so you'll be more than happy to go along for the ride. ~ Hal Erickson, All Movie Guide Somewhere Tomorrow Upon knocking her noggin, a young, recently fatherless woman discovers an amicable apparition; the ghost of a young man who was killed in an aviation accident. As the spirit helps her cope with some of life's difficulties, the two fall in love. ~ Kristie Hassen, All Movie Guide Arch of Triumph Erich Maria Remarque's novel Arch of Triumph was originally adapted to film in 1948 with stars Charles Boyer and Ingrid Bergman under the direction of Lewis Milestone. This TV-movie remake aired May 29, 1985. Anthony Hopkins and Lesley-Anne Down play the star-crossed lovers whose prewar romance in Paris is endangered by intrigue and revenge. Hopkins, a doctor recently escaped from a concentration camp, rescues Down, the mistress of a dissipated playboy, from committing suicide. Their chance for happiness is sabotaged by Hopkins' desire to wreak vengeance on SS officer Donald Pleasence. ~ Hal Erickson, All Movie Guide Mesmerized This psychodrama is set in New Zealand during the 1880s and is based on the true story of an orphaned 18-year-old who marries a cruel, much-older man. He constantly abuses her and keeps her under his thumb until she snaps and using hypnotism, kills him. Later she is tried in court. ~ Sandra Brennan, All Movie Guide A Hazard of Hearts Hazard of Hearts was adapted for television from a 1948 bodice-ripper by Barbara Cartland. Set (where else?) in 1810 England, the film stars Helena Bonham Carter as the obligatory innocent young lass with a dynamite figure. Falling in love with a Rochester-like Marquis (Marcus Gilbert), Helena is whisked off to the mysterious Castle Mandrake ("played" by England's Belvoir Castle and Burghley House). Here, our heroine is menaced by Diana Rigg, the Marquis' evil, possessive mother. First broadcast December 27, 1987, Hazard of Hearts was buried in the ratings by NBC's repeat showing of Terms of Endearment (1983) and ABC's telecast of Stir Crazy (1980). ~ Hal Erickson, All Movie Guide Bail Out David Hasselhoff plays one of three bounty hunters in search of a much-wanted criminal. The reward is astronomical, so it's understandable that the cops want Hasselhoff and company to make themselves scarce. No matter what the law throws in their path, however, the three heroes will not be deterred. Bail Out costars Linda Blair and John Vernon. Though filmed in 1988, Bail Out wasn't released until 1990, upon Hasselhoff's success on television's Baywatch. ~ Hal Erickson, All Movie Guide Laser Mission In this action adventure tale, Professor Braun (Ernest Borgnine), an expert in weapons technology, is kidnapped by Soviet terrorists who intend to force him to make a high-tech laser cannon for them. Intelligence agents Michael Gold (Brandon Lee) and Alissa (Debi A. Monahan) are sent in by the CIA to rescue him and recover a cache of stolen diamonds before it's too late for Braun and the world at large. Laser Mission marked Brandon Lee's first starring role in a U.S. feature film, three years before his tragic death while shooting The Crow. ~ Mark Deming, All Movie Guide
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