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  • Emile Hirsch on what draws him to biopics like 'Lone Survivor'

    Type: Video | Date: Tuesday, Dec 31, 2013

    Emile Hirsch discusses the intense physical preparation for 'Lone Survivor' and the actor explains why he likes to play in movies based on true people and events. Hirsch also reveals what to expect from his next John Belushi film
  • Lost_premiere_recap_home_top_story

    Recap: 'Lost' season six premiere - 'LA X'

    Type: Post | Date: Wednesday, Feb 3, 2010

    The two-hour kick-off to the final season breaks my brain
  • Armie_hammer_on_batman_home_top_story

    Watch: Armie Hammer wigs out as he describes his 'Justice League' Batman suit

    Type: Post | Date: Monday, Jul 1, 2013

    'The Lone Ranger' almost wore a different mask a few years ago
  • King Kong - DVD

    Type: Event | Date: Tuesday, Sep 15, 2009

    Famed producer Dino De Laurentiis tries to steal the thunder from Jaws, then the top-grossing film of all-time, in this big budget remake of King Kong. (De Laurentiis related his tactics to Tom Snyder: "When Jaws dies, nobody cries. When Kong dies, they all cry.") Updated to the 1970s, the original Robert Armstrong character is now Fred Wilson (Charles Grodin), a big-shot oil magnate from Petrox Oil, looking for new petroleum deposits on a recently discovered Pacific island. Jack Prescott (Jeff Bridges) is a counter-culture paleontologist, stowing away on Wilson's ship, who warns that they are headed for "Skull Island," where prehistoric monsters still live and roam free. Also along for the ride is Dwan (Jessica Lange, in her film debut), a down-on-her-luck starlet, shipwrecked in the ocean after the sinking of a yacht. She really becomes down-on-her-luck when the group lands on the island and a giant ape, Kong, takes a shine to her. Kong kidnaps her and Dwan takes umbrage when the ape tries to remove her clothes by shouting, "You male chauvinist ape!" But Prescott comes to her aid and rescues her from the gorilla's big mits. Wilson, seeing money to be made on Kong, locks him in the cargo hold of his ship and transports him to New York City. Once there, Kong manages to escape and wreak havoc upon the beleaguered town, before being compelled to climb up the World Trade Center for sanctuary. ~ Paul Brenner, All Movie Guide
  • Brendan_home_top_story

    Brendan Gleeson recalls his 'High Noon' moment in the dark and bold 'Calvary'

    Type: Post | Date: Wednesday, Aug 6, 2014

    Plus: What can we expect from Ron Howard's 'Heart of the Sea?'
  • Josh-hutcherson-is-peeta_gallery_primary_home_top_story

    Movie power rankings: 'Hunger Games' beats the other tributes for No. 1 spot

    Type: Article | Date: Thursday, Mar 15, 2012

    Where do 'The Avengers,' 'The Dark Tower' and 'The Lone Ranger' end up?
  • Summer2016boxoffice_home_top_story

    Summer Box Office Wrap Up: 7 big lessons from a season full of disappointments

    Type: Article | Date: Tuesday, Sep 6, 2016

    It was the second-best summer ever at the box office. So why doesn't it feel like it?
  • Gravity2_home_top_story

    'Gravity,' 'Frozen,' 'Game of Thrones' and 'Call of Duty' win Visual Effects Society Awards

    Type: Post | Date: Thursday, Feb 13, 2014

    Cuarón's film wins more prizes than any film in seven years
  • Pic_home_top_story

    From 'All is Lost' to 'The Wolverine,' 114 films vying for the Best Original Score Oscar

    Type: Post | Date: Thursday, Dec 12, 2013

    But don't look for 'Frozen,' 'Nebraska' or 'The Lone Ranger'
  • Stoker_home_top_story

    Guy Lodge's top 25 films of 2013: #25-11

    Type: Post | Date: Tuesday, Dec 24, 2013

    Before we get to the Top 10, the best of the rest
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