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    Jeremy Northam, Saffron Burrows land CBS pilot leads

    Type: Article | Date: Tuesday, Mar 10, 2009

    Also booking pilot roles are Missy Pyle, Chris Parnell, Jesse Bradford and Matt Czuchry
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    Mimic [Blu-ray + Digital Copy]

    Type: Event | Date: Tuesday, Sep 27, 2011

    A team of scientists discover a glitch in their miracle cure
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    TV Review: CBS' 'Miami Medical'

    Type: Post | Date: Friday, Apr 2, 2010

    Jeremy Northam didn't pick a very engaging American network TV debut
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    Miami Medical

    Type: Event | Date: Friday, Jul 2, 2010

    The series finale is here (really).
  • 99131_wb_0607b_home_top_story

    Miami Medical

    Type: Event | Date: Friday, May 21, 2010

    After tonight we'll no longer be singing Will Smith on Friday evenings.
  • 98515_wb_0002b_home_top_story

    Miami Medical

    Type: Event | Date: Friday, Apr 2, 2010

    Jerry Bruckheimer's doctor show starts up tonight.
  • Poster-art-for-a-late-quartet._home_top_story

    A Late Quartet

    Type: Event | Date: Friday, Nov 2, 2012

    Philip Seymour Hoffman, Catherine Keener, Jeremy Northam and Christopher Walken star in this new film.
  • Creation_home_top_story


    Type: Event | Date: Friday, Jan 22, 2010

    All about the creation - or perhaps evolution - of Darwin's ideas.
  • Mimic - Blu-ray Disc

    Type: Event | Date: Tuesday, Nov 10, 2009

    While one would imagine that the average New Yorker would be used to dealing with bugs after years of apartment dwelling, a scientific experiment gone wrong results in an insect that even Raid can't handle in this sci-fi/horror thriller. In Manhattan, cockroaches are spreading a deadly disease that is claiming hundreds of the city's children, so entomologist Susan Tyler (Mira Sorvino) uses genetic engineering techniques to create what she and her colleague (and husband) Peter Mann (Jeremy Northam) call the Judas Breed, a large insect that will feed on the disease carrying roaches. Since the Judas bugs have been designed so that they can't breed, the mutated species should die out in a matter of a few years. However, Susan, Peter, and their staff severely underestimated the cockroach's ability to adapt to its conditions. The Judas Breed has indeed found a way to reproduce itself, but more importantly, the insect has grown remarkably large (sometimes reaching six feet in length), has developed a taste for meat, and can mimic the appearance and behavior of other creatures with uncanny accuracy -- including humans. Susan and Peter have learned that huge swarms of the Judas Breed are living beneath the city in the subway system, and with the help of Leonard (Charles S. Dutton), a transit system employee who knows the labyrinth of subway tunnels like the back of his hand, they search out the humanoid insects before they can take over the city. Mimic also features Giancarlo Giannini, Josh Brolin, and F. Murray Abraham. ~ Mark Deming, All Movie Guide
  • Emma - Blu-ray Disc

    Type: Event | Date: Tuesday, Nov 10, 2009

    Based on the novel by Jane Austen (who in the '90s seemed to be in the running alongside William Shakespeare and Stephen King for the honors of most adapted author in Hollywood), this period romantic comedy stars Gwyneth Paltrow as Emma Woodhouse, a young woman who imagines herself an authority on matters of the heart. With the best of intentions, Emma plays matchmaker for her friends, most notably her friend Harriet (Toni Collette), who Emma links up with the Reverend Elton (Alan Cumming), and her governess, (Greta Scacchi), who she introduces to her future husband, Mr. Weston (James Cosmo). However, Emma is not nearly as good at playing Cupid as she likes to imagine, and she spends so much time trying to solve everyone else's romantic problems that it takes her quite some time to realize that she's fallen in love with Mr. Knightly (Jeremy Northam). A television miniseries based on Austen's book appeared a year later, while a year prior to Emma, the story appeared in modernized form in the popular teen comedy Clueless. ~ Mark Deming, All Movie Guide
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