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    Days and Nights

    Type: Event | Date: Friday, Sep 26, 2014

    Christian Camargo directs this film inspired by Chekhov's "The Seagull."
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    SXSW 2014: 13 new reasons this year's fest could be the best

    Type: Article | Date: Wednesday, Mar 5, 2014

    'Portlandia,' Oculus, Willie's ranch, iTunes Festival, Bill Cosby and... Edward Snowden?
  • Asylum Blackout - Trailer

    Type: Video | Date: Friday, Apr 27, 2012

    A massive thunderstorm traps a group of cooks in a prison for the criminally insane in this trailer for the IFC Films thriller 'Asylum Blackout'
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    Dancing in Jaffa

    Type: Event | Date: Friday, Apr 11, 2014

    A four-time ballroom dancing world champion takes his class to his hometown.
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    Venus in Fur

    Type: Event | Date: Friday, Jun 20, 2014

    Based on the Tony Award-winning Broadway play by David Ives, "Venus in Fur" is the latest film from Roman Polanski.
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    Finding Vivian Maier

    Type: Event | Date: Friday, Mar 28, 2014

    This documentary sheds light on one of the 20th century's greatest street photographers, Vivian Maier.
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    Kelly & Cal

    Type: Event | Date: Friday, Sep 5, 2014

    A punk-rocker turned suburban mom befriends a teenage boy.
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    Lucky Them

    Type: Event | Date: Friday, May 30, 2014

    A rock journalist is given an assignment to track down her ex-boyfriend.
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    Interview: 'Comedy Bang! Bang!' creator Scott Aukerman discusses bringing his podcast to IFC

    Type: Post | Date: Friday, Jun 8, 2012

    Plus, 'Happy Endings' star Casey Wilson drops by for a chat
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    The Trip to Italy

    Type: Event | Date: Friday, Aug 15, 2014

    This is a sequel to the 2010 comedy, "The Trip."