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    Cyclops #1

    Type: Gallery | Date: Friday, Apr 11, 2014

    After clashing with the Shi’ar on the edge of deep space, Scott Summers is about to encounter the last person he’d ever expect to meet – his space pirate father! Long thought dead, Corsair, leader of that intergalactic band of misfits the Starjammers, has returned! And he’s got a new recruit in the form of his son, young Cyclops himself! Scott Summers is leaving the X-Men behind to stay in space and learn a few valuable lessons from dad: 1) How to shave, 2) How to talk to women, 3) How to steal a Badoon spaceship. “I’m beyond excited for readers to see how Greg and Russell are collaborating with this book,” says Editor Jeanine Schaefer. “Greg is absolutely on fire, hitting every beat you would ever want from a space opera meets intergalactic road trip; and a star is born with Russell’s work here – when he’s huge people are going to be coming back to this series again and again.” Don’t miss one moment of the high adventure in deep space as Rucka & Dauterman kick off the newest cosmic adventure this May in the action packed CYCLOPS #1!
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    'All-New X-Men' face the aftermath of 'The Trail of Jean Grey'

    Type: Article | Date: Thursday, Apr 10, 2014

    The time-displaced X-Men tangle with the Brotherhood next
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    Marvel talks Next Big Thing at Emerald City Comicon

    Type: Gallery | Date: Tuesday, Apr 1, 2014

    Marvel talent discuss Peter Parker and the 'Spider-Verse'
  • Supsm2013030cover_home_top_story

    Marvel talks Next Big Thing at Emerald City Comicon

    Type: Article | Date: Tuesday, Apr 1, 2014

    Marvel talent discuss Peter Parker and the 'Spider-Verse'
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    John Romita Jr.'s 'Superman' headlines DC's June 2014 Solicitations

    Type: Article | Date: Tuesday, Mar 18, 2014

    June heralds the arrival of 'Superman's' new creative team Geoff Johns and John Romita Jr.
  • Justice-league-a-new-beginning-1989_home_top_story_1

    20 DC comics stories that would make great animated movies

    Type: Gallery | Date: Wednesday, Mar 12, 2014

    By Keith Giffen, J.M. DeMatteis and Kevin Maguire The Justice League's...
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    5 Marvel father/son teams ready for their own series

    Type: Article | Date: Wednesday, Feb 26, 2014

    These father and son pairs could use a little family bonding time
  • 10.-boxers--saints_home_top_story

    The Top 10 comics of 2013

    Type: Gallery | Date: Tuesday, Dec 31, 2013

    Written & drawn by Gene Luen Yang Published by First Second Books Gene ...
  • 10-daredevil-vol.-3-501-512-2009-2012-daredevil-reborn-1-4-2011_home_top_story_1

    Counting down the 10 best 'Daredevil' storylines

    Type: Gallery | Date: Tuesday, Dec 3, 2013

    "Daredevil" Vol. 3 #501-512 (2009-2012); "Daredevil: Reborn&qu...
  • Katrina-law-570x320_home_top_story

    'Arrow' targets Katrina Law to play Ra’s al Ghul’s daughter

    Type: Article | Date: Wednesday, Nov 20, 2013

    'Spartacus' actress heading to Starling City on the trail of Black Canary
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