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    Stephen Sommers not returning for 'G.I. Joe 2'

    Type: Post | Date: Wednesday, Jan 5, 2011

    Somehow, the entertainment industry will soldier on
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    Watch: 'G.I. Joe' sequel mobilizes for war

    Type: Post | Date: Wednesday, Jan 13, 2010

    Channing Tatum and Dennis Quaid both discuss their involvement
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    Watch: Dwayne Johnson talks 'Fast Six' and the joys of playing Hobbs

    Type: Article | Date: Tuesday, May 8, 2012

    Vin Diesel might want to consider investing in a mouthguard
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    Type: Event | Date: Friday, Jul 11, 2014

    Nicolas Cage and Danny Glover star in this film.
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    15 toys we'd like to see follow 'The Lego Movie' to the big screen

    Type: Gallery | Date: Saturday, Feb 8, 2014

    Type of Movie: A heartwarming recapturing-youth comedy. A boy and his My B...
  • G.I. Joe - A Real American Hero - DVD

    Type: Event | Date: Tuesday, Sep 1, 2009

    Popular action figure G.I. Joe was reinvented in animation form in this pilot for the daily syndicated cartoon series of the same name. In keeping with the new marketing strategy established by Hasbro Toys, "G.I. Joe" was no longer an individual, but instead a team of specially trained guerilla fighters, led by Clayton M. "Hawk" Abernathy. The villains of the piece were the members of Cobra, led by Cobra Commander and his Darth Vader-like lieutenant (and frequent rival), Destro. In their first adventure, the Joes were obliged to collect three rare elements vital to a weapon that would counter Cobra's deadly M.A.S.S. device, which allowed the bad guys to transfer matter anywhere at any time for their own evil purposes. Written by Ron Friedman, G.I. Joe - A Real American Hero was made available as either a two-hour animated special or as a five-part miniseries, bearing the individual episode titles "The Cobra Strikes," "Slave of the Cobra Master," "The Worms of Death," "Devil's Cauldron," and "The Stake in the Serpent's Heart." The miniseries version was originally shown on American television from September 12 through 16, 1983. It was followed in 1984 by another miniseries, G.I. Joe: The Revenge of Cobra, and in 1985 by the daily syndicated G.I. Joe series proper. ~ Hal Erickson, All Movie Guide
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    The Afternoon Read: Bruce Willis close to suiting up for 'G.I. Joe 2'

    Type: Post | Date: Wednesday, Aug 10, 2011

    Plus has the battle for 'World War Z' already been lost?
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    G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra

    Type: Event | Date: Friday, Aug 7, 2009

    The classic Hasbro toy "G.I. Joe" goes to the big screen courtesy of Stephen Sommers
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    'Star Trek 2' moves out of summer 2012, and 'G.I. Joe 2' moves in

    Type: Post | Date: Wednesday, Jul 27, 2011

    JJ Abrams gets closer to the director's chair as release date shuffle kicks in
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    10 stories you might have missed: 'The Rock' and Ninjas will dominate 'G.I. Joe 2'

    Type: Gallery | Date: Saturday, Jul 2, 2011

    "G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra" was a nice hit for Parmount Pictures two years ...