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    Fantastic Fest - Ninja Assassin

    Type: Event | Date: Tuesday, Sep 29, 2009

    Director James McTeigue (V FOR VENDETTA) live in person.
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    for Michael Jackson's 'This Is It' onsale

    Type: Event | Date: Monday, Sep 28, 2009

    Sure to sell out, tickets go on sale for this limited run movie of Jackson's rehearsal footage
  • An Ordinary Killer - DVD

    Type: Event | Date: Tuesday, Oct 20, 2009

    Two generations of detectives struggle for 28 years to crack a seemingly impenetrable murder case only to discover that their tenacity has paid off thanks to advances in forensic technology and the art of criminal profiling in directors Anthony Hornus and Jeff Kennedy's real-life tale of belated justice. The year is 1973, and the murder of a young mother has rocked a small Michigan community. As the outraged citizens pull together to assist the investigation, the police attempt to use emerging forensics technology to narrow down the list of suspects with little to no luck. The victim's mother stricken with grief and forced to look to a higher power for solace, the crime goes unsolved until advancements in DNA identification and criminal psychological profiling finally puts a face to the evil that haunted a community for nearly three decades. ~ Jason Buchanan, All Movie Guide
  • CHiPs: The Complete Seasons 1 & 2

    Type: Event | Date: Tuesday, Oct 20, 2009

    Includes:CHiPs: Green Thumb Burglar (1977) CHiPs: Hustle (1977) CHiPs: Career Day (1977) CHiPs: Name Your Price (1977) CHiPs: Undertow (1977) CHiPs: Moving Violation (1977) CHiPs: Dog Gone (1977) CHiPs: Pilot (1977) CHiPs: Highway Robbery (1977) CHiPs: Baby Food (1977) CHiPs: Taking its Toll (1977) CHiPs: Aweigh We Go (1978) CHiPs: High Flyer (1978) CHiPs: Trick or Trick (1978) CHiPs: Neighborhood Watch (1978) CHiPs: Disaster Squad (1978) CHiPs: Family Crisis (1978) CHiPs: The Volunteers (1978) CHiPs: Downtime (1978) CHiPs: High Explosive (1978) CHiPs: The Grudge (1978) CHiPs: Return of the Turks (1978) CHiPs: Supercycle (1978) CHiPs: The Sheik (1978) CHiPs: Peaks and Valleys (1978) CHiPs: Flashback! (1978) CHiPs: Crack-Up (1978) CHiPs: Rainy Day (1978) CHiPs: Crash Diet (1978) CHiPs: Cry Wolf (1978) CHiPs: Hitch-Hiking Hitch (1978) CHiPs: Vintage '54 (1978) CHiPs: Surf's Up (1978) CHiPs: One Too Many (1978) CHiPs: Rustling (1978) CHiPs: MAIT Team (1979) CHiPs: Pressure Point (1979) CHiPs: The Matchmakers (1979) CHiPs: Rally 'Round the Bank (1979) CHiPs: Quarantine (1979) CHiPs: Ride the Whirlwind (1979) CHiPs: Repo Man (1979) CHiPs: CHP BMX (1979) CHiPs: Bioryhthms (1979) CHiPs: Green Thumb Burglar No synopsis available. CHiPs: Hustle No synopsis available. CHiPs: Career Day No synopsis available. CHiPs: Name Your Price No synopsis available. CHiPs: Undertow No synopsis available. CHiPs: Moving Violation No synopsis available. CHiPs: Dog Gone No synopsis available. CHiPs: Pilot No synopsis available. CHiPs: Highway Robbery No synopsis available. CHiPs: Baby Food No synopsis available. CHiPs: Taking its Toll No synopsis available. CHiPs: Aweigh We Go No synopsis available. CHiPs: High Flyer The episode from the second season of CHiPs involves Ponch and Jon attempting to apprehend a group of criminals riding around in a van who strip cars of their parts in broad daylight. In order to be a better California Highway Patrol officer, Ponch must overcome his fear of helicopters. ~ Perry Seibert, All Movie Guide CHiPs: Trick or Trick The episode from the second season of CHiPs takes place on Halloween. Ponch suffers from a series of misfortunes after crossing the path of thirteen black cats, breaking his shaving mirror, and walking under a ladder. Ponch and Jon also attempt to find a boy who goes missing after Ponch threatened to arrest him after the kid played a Halloween prank on the California Highway Patrol officer. ~ Perry Seibert, All Movie Guide CHiPs: Neighborhood Watch The episode from the second season of CHiPs involves Ponch and Jon attempting to help a bunch of kids involved in some low-level mischief, and stopping a drunk driver before his ongoing activities lead to serious injury or death. ~ Perry Seibert, All Movie Guide CHiPs: Disaster Squad The episode from the second season of CHiPs involves Ponch and Jon dealing with a tabloid-style television news unit that edits their stories in order to create the most inflammatory reactions from viewers. While the host works his unethical style on an attempted suicide, and a car accident, the actions backfire when out heroic dup rescue a young from drowning. ~ Perry Seibert, All Movie Guide CHiPs: Family Crisis The episode from the second season of CHiPs involves Ponch and Jon trying to apprehend a group of car stealing joyriders who count Jon's nephew among their members. The final chase involves a stolen movie truck, allowing the bag guys to use a series of special effects in an effort to escape from the California Highway Patrol. ~ Perry Seibert, All Movie Guide CHiPs: The Volunteers The episode from the second season of CHiPs involves Ponch and Jon escorting a caravan of trucks hauling potentially dangerous chemicals while having to deal with a gun wielding troublemaker, a drunk, and a loose tiger. ~ Perry Seibert, All Movie Guide CHiPs: Downtime The episode from the second season of CHiPs focuses primarily on the efforts of
  • William Castle Film Collection

    Type: Event | Date: Tuesday, Oct 20, 2009

    Includes:The Tingler (1959), MPAA Rating: NR 13 Ghosts (1960), MPAA Rating: NR Homicidal (1961), MPAA Rating: NR Mr. Sardonicus (1961), MPAA Rating: NR Zotz! (1962) The Old Dark House (1963) 13 Frightened Girls (1963) Strait-Jacket (1964), MPAA Rating: NR The Tingler As famous for the gimmick with which the film was shown as for its genuinely spine-tingling story, The Tingler follows a pathologist (Vincent Price) as he searches for the cause of a series of deaths and discovers that the victims have a large insect-like creature growing on their spinal chords. The creature attacks when the people are frightened and is only killed when the host emits a blood-curdling primal scream. This is coupled with a subplot to scare the deaf-mute owner of a silent movie house to death. Along the way, a couple of characters are injected with LSD and begin hallucinating like mad. When one of the nasty monsters "escaped" into a movie theater, the film's gimmick would begin. In order to further frighten audiences, director William Castle had certain theater seats rigged with small Army surplus devices that would deliver a mild electric shock to the spine in hopes of inducing terrified screams. Castle also planted audience members who would scream and faint. The house lights would go up, the film would stop and ushers would carry the unconscious person out of the theater. ~ Perry Seibert, All Movie Guide 13 Ghosts Gimmick-loving producer William Castle strikes again with this fun haunted-house thriller which invited audiences to find the hidden ghosts roaming about a haunted house through a special process called "Illusion-O" by which patrons could employ a special pair of red-and-blue-colored glasses to detect ghosts on the screen during the film's color-tinted sequences. The story is set in the mansion of the deceased occult scientist Dr. Zorba, whose nephew Cyrus and his family occupy the creepy estate and discover that they are not the only tenants. It seems the Doctor has been harboring 12 elusive specters on the premises, the appearance of which can only be detected through his final invention: a special pair of ghost-viewing goggles. To further complicate matters, it is learned that Zorba has stashed a small fortune somewhere in the house, and someone -- or something -- is determined to stop Cyrus and family from finding it. This film's original release featured an introduction from Castle, describing the "Illusion-O" process and demonstrating the proper use of the tinted glasses; he also appears in an epilogue stating that the glasses can be used to detect ghosts outside the theater! ~ Cavett Binion, All Movie Guide Homicidal Homicidal represents producer/director William Castle's slant on Hitchcock's Psycho. The film concerns a young woman named Miriam Webster (Patricia Breslin) who seemingly has everything a girl could want - including a successful flower shop business, and a handsome beau, Karl (Glenn Corbett), who works as a pharmacist. Events take a turn for the worse, however, when Miriam's half-brother, Warren, returns from Europe - with a rather unpleasant friend in-tow: a blonde named Emily (Jean Arless). Emily promptly sets about destroying Miriam's life: the newcomer attempts to wheedle Karl away from Miriam, then rips the flower shop to pieces, then ultimately reveals a little taste for knife-wielding that directly threatens Miriam's safety. Like The Tingler and other Castle outings, this one originally featured a gimmick, preserved in the video release: a "fright-break" just prior to the climax, which allowed terrified audience members approximately 45 seconds to get out of their seats and leave the theater - to avoid the prospect of being "frightened to death." One look at Jean Arless's credit in the cast listing betrays the final twist in this one, directly (and unapologetically) lifted by Castle from Psycho. ~ Hal Erickson, All Movie Guide Mr. Sardonicus In this 1961 William Castle film based on Ray Russell's
  • Before The Fall - DVD

    Type: Event | Date: Tuesday, Nov 3, 2009

    Filmmaker F. Javier Gutiérrez crafts this apocalyptic thriller that finds panic sweeping the world after the Secretary General of the United Nations announces that a meteorite will wipe out all life on Earth in just seventy-two hours. Life as we know it is about to end. Mankind made a good run of it, but now destruction is about to rain down from outer space; wiping the slate clean for a new era. While most folks react to the grim announcement by rioting in the streets, a young man named Ale decides to spend his last three days getting drunk and listening to his favorite records. Ale lives in the remote town of Laguna with his mother, and earns his living by performing a series of thankless odd jobs around town. Now, as crime soars, suicide rates shoot through the roof, and panicked hordes greet Armageddon with guns blazing, Ale's mother Rosa announces that she has decided to spend her final hours with Ale's brother Tomás and his family on the outskirts of town. But the journey to Tomás' house won't be an easy one, because in all the chaos a number of convicts have managed to escape from prison and now set about terrorizing everyone unfortunate enough to cross their paths. One criminal in particular seems intimately tied to Tomás' past. When Rosa arrives at Tomás' home to find the children all alone and cowering in fear, Ale's plans of drinking his way though the apocalypse quickly take a back seat as he races to protect the children from a horrifying fate at the hands of sadistic marauders. ~ Jason Buchanan, All Movie Guide
  • Mission: Impossible - The Final TV Season

    Type: Event | Date: Tuesday, Nov 3, 2009

    Includes:Mission: Impossible: Break! (1972) Mission: Impossible: Two Thousand (1972) Mission: Impossible: The Deal (1972) Mission: Impossible: Leona (1972) Mission: Impossible: Cocaine (1972) Mission: Impossible: Movie (1972) Mission: Impossible: Crack-Up (1972) Mission: Impossible: The Puppet (1972) Mission: Impossible: Kidnap (1972) Mission: Impossible: Ultimatum (1972) Mission: Impossible: Hit (1972) Mission: Impossible: Underground (1972) Mission: Impossible: TOD-5 (1972) Mission: Impossible: The Fountain (1973) Mission: Impossible: Imitation (1973) Mission: Impossible: The Western (1973) Mission: Impossible: The Pendulum (1973) Mission: Impossible: Speed (1973) Mission: Impossible: The Fighter (1973) Mission: Impossible: The Question (1973) Mission: Impossible: Incarcerate (1973) Mission: Impossible: Boomerang (1973) Mission: Impossible: Break! The seventh and final season of Mission:Impossible commenced on September 16, 1972 with the episode titled "Break!" In his second series appearance, guest star Carl Betz is cast as Syndicate gambling boss Dutch Krebs, who has just finished murdering a federal undercover agent. The IMF must recover the wristwatch camera that the dead agent was carrying, and to do this Jim Phelps poses as a pool hustler, engaging Krebs in a high-stakes game which had been meticulously rigged by fellow IMF agent Barney. Though series regular Lynda Day George receives billing as agent Lisa Casey in this and subsequent episodes, she spent most of the 1972-73 season on maternity leave. Her IMF replacement in "Break!" and elsewhere is paroled convict Mimi Davis, played by former Ironside regular Barbara Anderson. Thus, in this episode the viewer is treated to the ritual of the Impossible Mission Force's recruiting process for the first and only time. "Break!" was written by Sam Roeca and James L. Henderson. ~ Hal Erickson, All Movie Guide Mission: Impossible: Two Thousand In a reversal of the situation in the sixth-season episode "Encore," in which a gangster was persuaded that he had gone back in time from 1971 to 1937, the IMF must jump forward some 27 years in the seventh-season Mission:Impossible entry "Two Thousand." Vic Morrow guest-stars as master thief Joseph Collins, who has stolen 50 kg of plutonium. To find out where Collins has stashed the deadly material, the IMF contrives to convince Collins that he has been in hibernation until the year 2000 --- and that a nuclear holocaust has tranformed the US into a police state. Most of this episode was filmed on location in the ruins of a hospital leveled by the California earthquake of February 1971. Written by Harold Livingston, "Two Thousand" first aired on September 23, 1972. ~ Hal Erickson, All Movie Guide Mission: Impossible: The Deal Syndicate boss Charles Rogan (Robert Webber) has salted away $5,000,000 in order to finance a mob-benefiting political coup in the Carribean nation of Camagua. Commandeering a Navy patrol boat, the IMF stages a characteristically elaborate scam (including the "murder" of agent Barney) in order to locate the key to Rogan's hidden millions. Barbara Anderson makes her second appearance as temporary IMF agent Mimi Davis. Originally telecast on September 30, 1972, "The Deal" was scripted by George F. Slavin and Stephen Kandel, from a story by Slavin. ~ Hal Erickson, All Movie Guide Mission: Impossible: Leona "Leona" was the name of the late wife of Syndicate chieftan Joe Epic (Robert Goulet). In order to rescue a captured undercover agent, the IMF must force a schism in the new partnership between Epic and his former gangland rival Mike Apollo (Mike Apollo). The Mission: to convince Epic that Apollo was responsible for Leona's murder --- after having a torrid affair with the unfortunate woman. Written by Howard Brown, "Leona" made its network TV debut on October 7, 1972. ~ Hal Erickson, All Movie Guide Mission: Impossible: Cocaine The IMF has only 72 hours to intercept a huge shipment of cocaine, which is being
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    North by Northwest - Blu-ray Disc

    Type: Event | Date: Tuesday, Nov 3, 2009

    Classic Hitchcock flick now on Blu-ray
  • North by Northwest - DVD

    Type: Event | Date: Tuesday, Nov 3, 2009

    While having lunch at the Plaza Hotel in New York, advertising executive Roger O. Thornhill (Cary Grant) has the bad luck to call for a messenger just as a page goes out for a "George Kaplan." From that moment, Thornhill finds that he has stepped into a nightmare -- he is quietly abducted by a pair of armed men out of the hotel's famous Oak Room and transported to a Long Island estate; there, he is interrogated by a mysterious man (James Mason) who, believing that Roger is George Kaplan, demands to know what he knows about his business and how he has come to acquire this knowledge. Roger, who knows nothing about who any of these people are, can do nothing but deny that he is Kaplan or that he knows what they're talking about. Finally, his captors force a bottle of bourbon into Roger and put him behind the wheel of a car on a dangerous downhill stretch. Through sheer luck and the intervention of a police patrol car and its driver (John Beradino), Roger survives the ride and evades his captors, and is booked for drunk driving. He's unable to persuade the court, the county detectives, or even his own mother (Jesse Royce Landis) of the truth of his story, however -- Thornhill returns with them to the mansion where he was held, only to find any incriminating evidence cleaned up and to learn that the owner of the house is a diplomat, Lester Townsend (Philip Ober), assigned to the United Nations. He backtracks to the hotel to find the room of the real George Kaplan, only to discover that no one at the hotel has ever actually seen the man. With his kidnappers once again pursuing him, Thornhill decides to confront Townsend at the United Nations, only to discover that he knows nothing of the events on Long Island, or his house being occupied -- but before he can learn more, Townsend gets a knife in his back in full view of 50 witnesses who believe that Roger did it. Now on the run from a murder charge, complete with a photograph of him holding the weapon plastered on the front page of every newspaper in the country, Thornhill tries to escape via train -- there he meets the cooly beautiful Eve Kendall (Eva Marie Saint), who twice hides him from the police, once spontaneously and a second time in a more calculated rendezvous in her compartment that gets the two of them together romantically, at least for the night. By the next day, he's off following a clue to a remote rural highway, where he is attacked by an armed crop-dusting plane, one of the most famous scenes in Hitchcock's entire film output. Thornhill barely survives, but he does manage to learn that his mysterious tormentor/interrogator is named Phillip Vandamm, and that he goes under the cover of being an art dealer and importer/exporter, and that Eve is in bed with him in every sense of the phrase -- or is she? ~ Bruce Eder, All Movie Guide
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    Up - Blu-ray

    Type: Event | Date: Tuesday, Nov 10, 2009

    A retired balloon salesman takes a journey of a lifetime and learns how to live again