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    Oscar Bait: 'You're Not You' with Hilary Swank coming to theaters this year

    Type: Post | Date: Tuesday, Apr 8, 2014

    Entertainment One acquires North American distribution rights
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    10 Stories You Might Have Missed: 'Lego Movie' directors may in talks to helm 'Ghostbusters 3'

    Type: Gallery | Date: Saturday, Mar 22, 2014

    When we last checked in on the continuing saga of "Ghostbusters 3,"...
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    Rumor: Emma Stone and Jonah Hill offered roles in 'Ghostbusters 3'

    Type: Article | Date: Monday, Nov 11, 2013

    Another report has Cleveland pegged as a possible shooting location
  • Taxi - The Fourth Season

    Type: Event | Date: Tuesday, Sep 22, 2009

    Includes - Taxi: Mr. Personalities (1981) Taxi: Louie's Fling (1981) Taxi: Of Mice and Tony (1981) Taxi: Like Father, Like Son (1981) Taxi: Louie Goes Too Far (1981) Taxi: Louie's Mom Remarries (1981) Taxi: Jim Joins the Network (1981) Taxi: Vienna Waits (1981) Taxi: Jim the Psychic (1981) Taxi: Fledgling (1981) Taxi: The Wedding of Latka and Simka (1982) Taxi: Simka Returns (1982) Taxi: Nina Loves Alex (1982) Taxi: Tony's Lady (1982) Taxi: Elegant Iggy (1982) Taxi: I Wanna Be Around (1982) Taxi: Tony's Comeback (1982) Taxi: Cooking for Two (1982) Taxi: Take My Ex-Wife, Please (1982) Taxi: The Road Not Taken, Part 1 (1982) Taxi: The Unkindest Cut (1982) Taxi: Bobby Doesn't Live Here Anymore (1982) Taxi: The Road Not Taken, Part 2 (1982) Taxi: Jim and the Kid (1982) Taxi: Mr. Personalities Comedian Andy Kaufman, who made a career of assuming "alternate personalities" that he claimed to be unable to control, delivers an acting tour-de-force in this episode. Ever since he adopted the obnoxious alter ego of swingin' bachelor Vic Ferrari in the previous season's "Latka the Playboy," mild-mannered mechanic Latka Gravas (Andy Kaufman) can never tell when he himself will "disappear" and Vic will emerge. Making matters worse, Latka has adopted several other personalities -- his latest being a carbon copy of fellow cabbie Alex (Judd Hirsch)! Clearly, a visit to the shrink is long overdue...and that is where special guest star Barry Nelson comes in. ~ All Movie Guide Taxi: Louie's Fling Series star Danny DeVito's real-life significant other Rhea Perlman repireses her role as Zena Sherman, off-and-on girlfriend of DeVito's Taxi character Louie DePalma. As a favor to Zena, Louie agrees to act as escort to her friend Emily (Andrea Marcovicci), whose despondency over a busted romance has resulted in an over-dependence upon booze and other substances. One thing leads to another, and by the end of the evening Emily and Louie are an "item." Zena's outrage over being two-timed is nothing compared to the climactic confrontation between a tearful Louie and a "helpful" Alex (Judd Hirsch). ~ All Movie Guide Taxi: Of Mice and Tony Having endured one too many hard knocks in the boxing ring, eTony Banta (Tony Danza) has elected to hang up his gloves and become a trainer. Spotting a young fighter named Terry Carver (Ernie Hudson), Tony immediately senses that the kid has potential. He then offers to become Terry's manager...and that's when the trouble starts. The highlight of this episode is Tony's one-on-one with the "Syndicate" (whose members include Taxi scriptwriters Howard Gewirtz and Ian Praiser). ~ All Movie Guide Taxi: Like Father, Like Son Jack Gilford returns in the role of Joe Rieger, estranged father of cab driver Alex (Judd Hirsch). Much against his better judgment, Alex agrees to meet Joe for lunch at Mario's (the cabbie's favorite hangout), whereupon dear old dad tries to push his son into a date with a stranger named Karen (Barbara Babcock). At first gratified by his father's gesture, Alex is ultimately disillusioned when jaunty Joe tries to make time with Karen himself! ~ All Movie Guide Taxi: Louie Goes Too Far Ever since she became a cabbie, Elaine (Marilu Henner) has been forced to fend off the verbal insinuations of lecherous dispatcher Louie DePalma (Danny DeVito). But when Louie spies on Elaine while she's in the ladies' room it is the last straw. In a fully justifiable feminist huff, Elaine reports Louie to his superiors and gets him fired -- thus setting the stage for a hilarious denouement in which the frenzied Mr. DePalma literally falls to his knobby knees to beg Elaine's forgiveness. ~ All Movie Guide Taxi: Louie's Mom Remarries Julia DeVito, real-life mother of Taxi co-star Danny DeVito, makes a return appearance as the mother of DeVito's series character, abrasive taxi dispatcher Louie DePalma. Characteristically, Louie is furious that his mom plans to get married again, and to a man who isn't even Italian. In fa
  • Ghostbusters 1 & 2 Gift Set

    Type: Event | Date: Tuesday, Oct 6, 2009

    Includes:Ghostbusters (1984), MPAA Rating: PG Ghostbusters 2 (1989), MPAA Rating: PG Ghostbusters Bill Murray, Dan Aykroyd, Harold Ramis and Ernie Hudson star as a quartet of Manhattan-based "paranormal investigators". When their government grants run out, the former three go into business as The Ghostbusters, later hiring Hudson on. Armed with electronic paraphernalia, the team is spectacularly successful, ridding The Big Apple of dozens of ghoulies, ghosties and long-legged beasties. Tight-lipped bureaucrat William Atherton regards the Ghostbusters as a bunch of charlatans, but is forced to eat his words when New York is besieged by an army of unfriendly spirits, conjured up by a long-dead Babylonian demon and "channelled" through beautiful cellist Sigourney Weaver and nerdish Rick Moranis. The climax is a glorious sendup of every Godzilla movie ever made-and we daresay it cost more than a year's worth of Japanese monster flicks combined. Who'd ever dream that the chubby, cheery Stay-Puft Marshmallow Man would turn out to be the most malevolent threat ever faced by New York City? When the script for Ghostbusters was forged by Dan Aykroyd and Harold Ramis, John Belushi was slated to play the Bill Murray role; Belushi's death in 1982 not only necessitated the hiring of Murray, but also an extensive rewrite. The most expensive comedy made up to 1984, Ghostbusters made money hand over fist, spawning not only a 1989 sequel but also two animated TV series (one of them partially based on an earlier live-action TV weekly, titled The Ghost Busters. ~ Hal Erickson, All Movie Guide Ghostbusters 2 Ivan Reitman's sequel to the phenomenally successful Ghostbusters is looser and more self-assured than the original. The film opens with a title reading "Five Years Later" and finds the ghostbusters living in hard times. A restraining order has forbidden the boys to partake in paranormal warfare, and as a result they have had to seek other lines of work. Ray (Dan Aykroyd) and Winston (Ernie Hudson) spend their time performing at children's' birthday parties, and Egon (Harold Ramis) is busy conducting experiments investigating the effect of human emotions on the environment, leaving ghostbusting behind. Venkman (Bill Murray) and Dana (Sigourney Weaver) have split up. Venkman now hosts a local cable show called "The World of the Psychic." Dana, now divorced and the mother of a little baby named Oscar, works as an art restorer in a museum -- and this is where the plot kicks in. While Dana is restoring a portrait of a 16th-century tyrant by the name of Vigo the Carpathian, the portrait becomes hexed. The evil Vigo wants to return to life by taking over the body of Dana's little child. Vigo has enlisted Dana's boss, Janosz Poha (Peter MacNicol), to compel Dana to cooperate. Soon dirty sludge and slime flow through the streets of Manhattan, and the ghostbusters have to reunite to save the city from a funky paranormal evil. ~ Paul Brenner, All Movie Guide
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    Ghostbusters [Blu-ray]

    Type: Event | Date: Tuesday, Jun 16, 2009

    I ain't afraid of no ghosts
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    Pastor Brown

    Type: Event | Date: Saturday, Feb 16, 2013

    Salli Richardson-Whifield and Ernie Hudson lead the cast in this Lifetime original.
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    Type: Event | Date: Friday, Feb 17, 2012

    A mysterious man comes to a small town and soon arouses everyone's suspicion.
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    The Crow [Blu-ray + Digital Copy]

    Type: Event | Date: Tuesday, Oct 18, 2011

    A man comes back from the grave in the guise of a night bird to avenge his and his girlfriend's deaths
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    The Twilight Zone: Season 3 [Blu-ray]

    Type: Event | Date: Tuesday, Feb 15, 2011

    The complete third season
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