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    'Fast & Furious' accelerates to $72.5M opening

    Type: Article | Date: Sunday, Apr 5, 2009

    Driving sequel smashes April opening record and leaves 'Monsters vs. Aliens' in the dust
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    Rock's 'Race' conquers the box office 'Mountain'

    Type: Article | Date: Sunday, Mar 15, 2009

    'Sunshine' cleans up in limited release with $53,500 average
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    Recap: 'Battlestar Galactica' - 'Daybreak, Pt. 1' or the 'flashback' episode

    Type: Post | Date: Saturday, Mar 14, 2009

    With only the finale to go, why do we not see this ending well?
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    Recap: 'Fringe' - 'The Abducted'

    Type: Post | Date: Thursday, Nov 18, 2010

    A case from Broyles' past puts Olivia's chances to escape in peril.
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    2013 Golden Globe Awards Live-Blog

    Type: Post | Date: Sunday, Jan 13, 2013

    Following Tina Fey & Amy Poehler and all of Sunday's winners
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    Recap: 'The Amazing Race' Season 19 Premiere - 'Kindness of Strangers'

    Type: Post | Date: Sunday, Sep 25, 2011

    Would Twitter be a positive or negative force for one team?
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    Recap: 'The Amazing Race' -- 'We're Not Working with Anybody, Ever, Anymore!'

    Type: Post | Date: Sunday, Nov 22, 2009

    Delay tactics and stolen cabs have several teams up-in-arms in Prague
  • Taxi: The Final Season

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    Includes:Taxi: Scenskees from a Marriage, Part 1 (1982) Taxi: Scenskees from a Marriage, Part 2 (1982) Taxi: Alex the Gofer (1982) Taxi: Jim's Inheritance (1982) Taxi: Elaine and the Monk (1982) Taxi: Crime and Punishment (1982) Taxi: Travels with My Dad (1982) Taxi: Get Me Through the Holidays (1982) Taxi: Zena's Honeymoon (1982) Taxi: The Shloogel Show (1982) Taxi: Louie's Revenge (1982) Taxi: Alex Goes Off the Wagon (1982) Taxi: Louie and the Blind Girl (1983) Taxi: Tony's Baby (1983) Taxi: Arnie Meets the Kids (1983) Taxi: Alex Gets Burned by an Old Flame (1983) Taxi: A Taxi Celebration, Part 1 (1983) Taxi: A Taxi Celebration, Part 2 (1983) Taxi: A Grand Gesture (1983) Taxi: Alex's Old Buddy (1983) Taxi: Louie Moves Uptown (1983) Taxi: Sugar Ray Nardo (1983) Taxi: Simka's Monthlies (1983) Taxi: Jim's Mario's (1983) Taxi: Scenskees from a Marriage, Part 1 In this first episode of a two-part story, a severe strain is placed upon the marriage of Latka (Andy Kaufman) and Simka (Carol Kane). It seems that, during a heavy winter storm, Latka is trapped in a cab with attractive female driver Cindy (Allyce Beasley). And when wife Simka (Carol Kane) discovers how her husband and his companion (who assumed that they would not survive the night) managed to "keep warm," Latka finds himself out in the cold. How can this marriage be saved? Well, it seems that there's this curious custom from the "old country"... ~ All Movie Guide Taxi: Scenskees from a Marriage, Part 2 In the conclusion of a two-part story, a snowstorm has left the marriage between Latka (Andy Kaufman) and Simka (Carol Kane) skating on thin ice. Still smoldering over the events that occurred when Latka and female cabbie Cindy were stuck in the same cab on a cold winter night, Simka wonders if she and her husband can ever patch things up again. There is no alternative but to turn to an old custom from the couple's native country -- which decrees that Simka must sleep with one of Latka's co-workers to even things out! ~ All Movie Guide Taxi: Alex the Gofer In need of extra money, Alex (Judd Hirsch) takes a second job as general factotum -- or "gofer" -- for a small theatrical troupe. The company's egotistical producer and director have no qualms about mistreating and humiliating Alex, but he seems to take it in stride; he'd always wanted to work in the theater, and this is his chance. Only when another cabbie alerts Alex to the fact that he's being played for a fool does the worm even consider turning -- thereby setting up the surprising conclusion of this episode. ~ All Movie Guide Taxi: Jim's Inheritance The chances of burned-out cabbie Reverend Jim (Christopher Lloyd) passing any sort of competency test is roughly equivalent to a snowball's chance of surviving in hell, but that's just what he must do in this episode. Upon learning that his late father has left him three-and-a-half million dollars in his will -- but with certain very rigid conditions: Jim must prove he is of sound mind, and fast! He must also dress and act like something resembling a normal human being, and for help in this matter he turns to the most "normal" people he knows: Alex (Judd Hirsch)...and Louie (Danny DeVito)? ~ All Movie Guide Taxi: Elaine and the Monk Former Fridays regular Mark Blankfield guest stars as Zifka, a monk who hails from the same foreign land as Latka (Andy Kaufman) and Simka (Carol Kane). Though bound to a lifelong vow of silence and sacrifice, Zifka is allowed one day every ten years to "cut loose" and indulge in all worldly pleasures.. This leads to an exhilarating night on the town for Zifka and Elaine (Marilu Henner) -- but will this 24-hour period of reckless abandon lead the merry monk to renounce his vows? ~ All Movie Guide Taxi: Crime and Punishment Allen Garfield (billed as Alan Goorwitz) guest stars as Mr. Rutledge, the owner of the Sunshine Cab Company. Upon learning that someone in the garage is stealing spare auto parts, he demands that the guilty party step forward. Since that party is light-fingered dispatcher Louie (Danny DeVito), who lacks the guts to own up to his own misdeeds, there is but one way out: Louie persuades assistant dispatcher Jeff (Thom Koutsoukos) to take the rap -- with jaw-dropping results. ~ All Movie Guide Taxi: Travels with My Dad Tony (Tony Danza) is apprehensive about his upcoming reunion with his father Angie (Donnelly Rhodes), a merchant seaman who was largely absent while his son was growing up; however, the meeting goes off quite well. In fact, Angie has magnanimously arranged for Tony to take a job aboard his ship, which is bound for Singapore. While Tony certainly could use a scenery change, is he prepared to forsake his friends and his lifestyle for the "call of the sea?" Cult-film favorite Dick Miller appears as Fergie. ~ All Movie Guide Taxi: Get Me Through the Holidays Louise Lasser makes a return appearance as Phyllis, the ex-wife of cabbie Alex Rieger (Judd Hirsch). Once again, Phyllis is lonely and miserable, and once again she turns to Alex for comfort and solace. This time, Phyllis' depression coincides with the Christmas season -- but even allowing for the spirit of "goodwill to men" (or women), will the taciturn Alex soften up and invite Phyllis to spend the holidays with him? As it turns out, Phyllis' "Christmas Present" is just what Alex has always wanted (but that doesn't mean there are any sentimental strings attached whatsoever!). ~ All Movie Guide Taxi: Zena's Honeymoon Rhea Perlman, real-life wife of Taxi co-star Danny DeVito, returns to the role of Zena Sherman. No one is more surprised -- or dismayed -- than Louie DePalma (DeVito) when his erstwhile girlfriend Zena shows up at the garage to announced that she is marrying someone else, especially since he'd convinced himself that she'd come crawling back to him after their last breakup. Never comfortable when swallowing pride or eating crow, Louie does not know how to react to this blow -- and there is worse in store! ~ All Movie Guide Taxi: The Shloogel Show Having made the big move from ABC to NBC, Taxi opens its fifth season with a "Shloogel." And what's a shloogel? Well, it's what newlyweds Latka (Andy Kaufman) and Simka (Carol Kane) call a "group blind date" back in their own country. And it's quite an experience for the folks at the Sunshine Cab Company, as Alex (Judd Hirsch) is paired up with a woman (Carlene Watkins) with whom he'd like to spend the rest of his life (or so he thinks); Tony is teamed with a "dream girl" who proves to be a nightmare (Anne de Salvo); Louie (Danny DeVito) finds out that his blind date (Murphy Cross) is genuinely blind; Elaine (Marilu Henner) is attracted to a gormless nerd (Wallace Shawn); and Reverend Jim (Christopher Lloyd) ends up with actress Marcia Wallace (as herself) -- and celebrates the occasion by singing his own special version of the Bob Newhart Show theme! Although the characters don't know it yet, this episode will prove to have a far-reaching influence on the rest of season five. ~ All Movie Guide Taxi: Louie's Revenge Andrea Marcovicci returns as Emily, the hard-drinking, self-flagellating woman who cruelly jilted Louie (Danny DeVito) in the fourth-season episode "Louie's Fling." Receiving a phone call, Louie discovers that the caller is Emily, who is in the throes of alcoholic desperation. A vengeful Louie schemes to take advantage of Emily's vulnerability in order to get even with her -- but things don't exactly work out that way! ~ All Movie Guide Taxi: Alex Goes Off the Wagon This episode reveals something only hinted at in previous seasons: Cabbie Alex Rieger (Judd Hirsch) is a compulsive gambler. Oh, he has managed to hide and suppress his "affliction" for years, but all this changes after an unusually lucky streak at an Atlantic City casino. Now convinced he is the highest of high rollers, and much against the advice of his fellow cabbies -- especially Jim (Christopher Lloyd), who has bankrolled him -- Alex hopes to fatten his wallet in a local dice game. ~ All Movie Guide Taxi: Louie and the Blind Girl Murphy Cross reprises her role as Judy, the blind girl whom Louie (Danny DeVito) dated in the earlier fifth-season episode "The Shloogel Show." The good news is that Judy is undergoing an operation to restore her sight. The bad news, so far as Louie is concerned, is that Judy is undergoing an operation to restore her sight. It's a situation right out of Charlie Chaplin: Will Judy still be as fond of Louie when she looks down and gazes upon his homely mug for the first time? ~ All Movie Guide Taxi: Tony's Baby Anne de Salvo reprises her role as Vicki, the "date from hell" foisted upon Tony (Tony Danza) in the earlier fifth-season episode "The Shloogel Show." Now Vicki has returned to Tony's life with some startling news: She is pregnant -- and guess who the father is? Making things even dicier, Tony has received this news on the very night that he is to box with a ranked contender -- and the last thing he needs at this moment is the sort of emotional baggage piled on by Vicki. Watch for a few sly references to the Rod Serling drama "Requiem For a Heavyweight," notably the presence in the cast of veteran character actor Keenan Wynn. ~ All Movie Guide Taxi: Arnie Meets the Kids Wallace Shawn of My Dinner With Andre fame reprises his role as Arnie Ross, the nerdish chap whom Elaine (Marilu Henner) dated in the earlier fifth-season episode "The Shloogel Show." Since that time, things have gotten somewhat serious between Elaine and Arnie -- so much so that she feels it is time that he meet her children, Jason (David Mendenhall) and Jennifer (Melanie Gaffin). Well, that's how Elaine feels; whether or not she will actually work up the courage to introduce the kids to Arnie and whether or not Arnie will sabotage his chance to win over the youngsters is another matter. ~ All Movie Guide Taxi: Alex Gets Burned by an Old Flame Cathie Shirriff guest stars as Diane, who during her hippie years lived in a commune with "Reverend" Jim (Christopher Lloyd). Though Jim is pretty much the same zonked-out person he was during the 1960s (maybe even more so), Diane has cleaned up her act and become a lawyer. So is there hope that Diane and Jim will be able to rekindle their relationship? Not so long as Alex (Judd Hirsch) remains enamored of the attractive attorney -- and not so long as Alex shoots off his big mouth at the wrong time. ~ All Movie Guide Taxi: A Taxi Celebration, Part 1 Halfway through its fifth and final season, Taxi briefly returned to its familiar Thursday-night berth for a "celebration" of the series' past 105 episodes. Highlights (mostly gleaned from the show's Emmy-winning episodes) include the brief tête-à-tête between Elaine (Marilu Henner) and a handsome passenger (Tom Selleck), Rev. Jim's (Christopher Lloyd) first day behind the wheel, Alex's (Judd Hirsch) blind date with overweight Angela Matusa (Suzanne Kent), and the tempestuous romance between Louie and Zena (played by real-life husband and wife Danny DeVito and Rhea Perlman). Originally telecast as a one-hour special, "A Taxi Celebration" has been reedited as two half-hour episodes for syndication. ~ All Movie Guide Taxi: A Taxi Celebration, Part 2 Halfway through its fifth and final season, Taxi briefly returned to its familiar Thursday-night berth for a "celebration" of the series' past 105 episodes. Highlights (mostly gleaned from the show's Emmy-winning episodes) include the tempestuous romance between Louie and Zena (played by real-life husband and wife Danny DeVito and Rhea Perlman), the uncomfortable meeting between macho Tony (Tony Danza) and the decidedly less-than-macho Kirk (John David Carson), and the grim "psychic" prognostications of Rev. Jim (Christopher Lloyd) which bode ill for Alex (Judd Hirsch). Originally telecast as a one-hour special, "A Taxi Celebration" has been re-edited as two half-hour episodes for syndication. ~ All Movie Guide Taxi: A Grand Gesture Once again, Jim (Christopher Lloyd) has been carried to extremes by his latest enthusiasm. In this instance, Jim is obsessed with notion that, in order to experience full happiness, one must be generous with those less fortunate than themselves. Thus, Jim hands each of his fellow cabbies 1000 dollars -- on the condition that they immediately give it away. Busy character actor Tracey Walter has a small role in this, the final Taxi episode filmed (though not the final one to be shown). ~ All Movie Guide Taxi: Alex's Old Buddy It looks as though Buddy, the old dog that has been the Rieger family's pet for all his 19 years, is headed for that Big Kennel in the Sky. The normally cool-headed Alex Rieger (Judd Hirsch) must make the decision to pack Buddy off for a final visit to the vet or to keep him at home and prolong his misery. Surprisingly, it is the abrasive and unlovable Louie DePalma (Danny DeVito) who proves to be the most sensitive and caring participant in this little drama of life. ~ All Movie Guide Taxi: Louie Moves Uptown Miracle of miracles! After years of being perfectly comfortable with his "gross and disgusting" self, Louie (Danny DeVito) is suddenly anxious to turn over a new leaf. The reason? He has the chance to move into a plush co-op apartment -- a chance bolstered by the 48,000-dollar down payment he has borrowed from cabbie Jim (Christopher Lloyd). There's only one hurdle standing in his way: Louie must be approved by the ultra-snooty Co-op Board, headed by the ever-so-particular Mrs. Bascombe (Gayle Hunnicutt). Danny DeVito's fellow comedian-director Penny Marshall makes an uproarious cameo appearance. ~ All Movie Guide Taxi: Sugar Ray Nardo Single mom Elaine (Marilu Henner) is having problems at home with her son Jason (David Mendenhall), who has just declared that he's "had it" with his oboe lessons. Sensing that a man's influence might help Jason get his head on straight, Elaine follows the advice offered her by Alex (Judd Hirsch) and agrees to let Jason sign on for the junior boxing program headed by Tony (Tony Danza). As it happens, however, Jason is possessed of a glass jaw -- and when he is flattened in his first bout, guess whom Elaine holds responsible? ~ All Movie Guide Taxi: Simka's Monthlies In the final episode of Taxi to be broadcast (though not the final one filmed), Latka (Andy Kaufman) is upset because his wife Simka (Carol Kane) continues to delay her interview with the immigration officials. It seems that each interview has fallen upon "that time of the month," when Simka suffers from what she calls the "crimpka poosh." Unfortunately, if she misses another meeting with the authorities, she will be sent back to the old country--and worse, she very well may invalidate her marriage to Latka. ~ All Movie Guide Taxi: Jim's Mario's For those unfamiliar with Taxi, it should be noted herein that the cabbie's favorite hangout is a joint called Mario's. Having undergone an acute attack of "entrepreneur fever," burned-out Reverend Jim (Christopher Lloyd) has convinced himself that he could run Mario's, and to that end he buys the establishment with some of his inheritance money. Alas, though the cabbies can always be found at Mario's, no one else ever comes to the place -- except for that undercover agent from the Liquor Authority. This episode was originally slated to air on April 27, 1983. ~ All Movie Guide
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    Glee musical recap: McKinley meets its rivals in 'Hairography'

    Type: Post | Date: Thursday, Nov 26, 2009

    Watch the full episode: Eve special guests on this distraction
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    Guillermo Del Toro and his 'Pacific Rim' giant monsters conquer Hall H

    Type: Post | Date: Tuesday, Jul 17, 2012

    Giant robots and giant monsters pretty much sell themselves