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    Brandon Routh's Ray Palmer appears in new 'Arrow' trailer

    Type: Article | Date: Friday, Sep 5, 2014

    And there are a whole bunch of other goodies as well
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    Demon Knights #22

    Type: Gallery | Date: Tuesday, Jul 16, 2013

    While trying to protect the Holy Grail, the Demon Knights are attacked by Vandal Savage and an army of giants!
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    'Supergirl' is getting her own TV series now

    Type: Article | Date: Thursday, Sep 4, 2014

    Show in development from 'Arrow' and 'The Flash' co-creator Greg Berlanti
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    Superman Unchained #2

    Type: Gallery | Date: Wednesday, Jul 10, 2013

    The technological terrorists called Ascension are growing bolder with every attack, creating problems only can solve—and that’s with help from the world’s greatest detective, Batman! But the mystery that’s really got them both worried is the unknown figure that’s been shadowing Superman! And in this issue’s backup tale, Jimmy Olsen takes center stage as Metropolis reacts to an event that’s shaken the city to its core!
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    Suicide Squad #22

    Type: Gallery | Date: Wednesday, Jul 10, 2013

    An anarchist group has a monstrous plan to rewire the brains of the American public, starting in Las Vegas! So it's up to Amanda Waller's team to shut them down—but a surprise new squad member with a grudge against Deadshot threatens to wreck everything!
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    Katana #6

    Type: Gallery | Date: Wednesday, Jul 10, 2013

    Katana is reunited with her infamous sword, Soultaker—and she’s ready to send retake all the spirits that escaped her blade!
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    Justice League #22

    Type: Gallery | Date: Wednesday, Jul 10, 2013

    TRINITY WAR, the action-mystery event of the summer, begins with a full-length epic adventure! The death of a hero ignites a violent war among the Justice Leagues! It’s League vs. League vs. League as an impending darkness approaches the DC Universe. But the truth behind it all will lead to an evil that threatens every hero on the planet. And what does the Secret Society of Super-Villains have to with this? Everything.
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    We Listed Ever Superhero Movie Coming Out Through 2020 And It's Terrifying

    Type: Article | Date: Thursday, Aug 7, 2014

    Threw in "Star Wars" to boot because why not?
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    Nightwing #22

    Type: Gallery | Date: Tuesday, Jul 9, 2013

    Nightwing takes on Ghostwalker, and the Prankster finds a surprising ally!
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    Batman editor Mike Marts returning to Marvel

    Type: Article | Date: Monday, Feb 3, 2014

    Overseer of DC's Bat-titles previously worked for Marvel from 1996 to 2006