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  • Hanna - Trailer

    Type: Video | Date: Monday, Jan 3, 2011

    An ex CIA agent (Eric Bana) raises his daugher (Saoirse Ronan) to kill Kate Blanchett.
  • Homeland - Brainwashed

    Type: Video | Date: Tuesday, Nov 15, 2011

    Mrs. Walker and her son are questioned by the CIA.
  • Fair Game - Naomi Watts

    Type: Video | Date: Tuesday, Oct 19, 2010

    Naomi Watts discusses playing outed CIA agent Valerie Plame
  • Poster-art-for-kill-the-messenger_home_top_story

    Kill the Messenger

    Type: Event | Date: Friday, Oct 10, 2014

    Jeremy Renner stars in this tale about journalist Gary Webb.
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    Type: Event | Date: Tuesday, Jul 15, 2014

    El Rey premieres a new original series tonight.
  • Red 2 - Trailer

    Type: Video | Date: Tuesday, Apr 30, 2013

    "Retired black-ops CIA agent Frank Moses reunites his unlikely team of elite operatives for a global quest to track down a missing portable nuclear device."
  • Abduction - Trailer

    Type: Video | Date: Tuesday, Apr 19, 2011

    Taylor Lautner plays a young man who's world is upended in "Abduction"
  • Homeland-tin-man-is-down_home_top_story

    Season premiere review: 'Homeland' - 'Tin Man is Down'

    Type: Post | Date: Sunday, Sep 29, 2013

    Carrie and the CIA are put on trial in the wake of Nazir's bombing
  • Hanna - Eric Bana

    Type: Video | Date: Thursday, Apr 7, 2011

    Eric Bana sits down with HitFix to talk about his role as Hanna's father in "Hanna"
  • Hanna - Think on your feet

    Type: Video | Date: Monday, Mar 28, 2011

    The final moments of Hanna's training