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  • Wings: The Final Season

    Type: Event | Date: Tuesday, Apr 14, 2009

    Includes:Wings: Porno for Pyros (1996) Wings: ...Like a Neighbor Scorned (1996) Wings: Single and Hating It (1996) Wings: The Gift of Life (1996) Wings: Wingless, Part 1 (1996) Wings: All About Christmas Eve (1996) Wings: Wingless, Part 3 (1996) Wings: Wingless, Part 2 (1996) Wings: Olive or Twist (1996) Wings: Too Beautiful for You (1996) Wings: Maybe It's You (1996) Wings: Final Approach, Part 2 (1997) Wings: Escape from New York (1997) Wings: Ms. Write (1997) Wings: Heartache Tonight (1997) Wings: Raging Bull*&@! (1997) Wings: Just Call Me Angel (1997) Wings: Hosed (1997) Wings: Let's Talk About Sex (1997) Wings: Final Approach, Part 1 (1997) Wings: Oedipus Wrecks (1997) Wings: Dreamgirl (1997) Wings: House of Blues (1997) Wings: Fay There, Georgy Girl (1997) Wings: Porno for Pyros Wings begins its eighth and final season with a virtual replay of the season seven opener, in which Brian (Steven Weber) and Casey (Amy Yasbeck) accidentally burned down the house of newlyweds Joe (Tim Daly) and Helen (Crystal Bernard). This time, however, it is Joe and Helen who have unintentionally burned Brian and Casey's domicile to the ground. Expecting a big insurance check, Brian instead finds himself suspected of fraud and arson by no-nonsense insurance investigator Claire Barnett (Roma Maffia). ~ Hal Erickson, All Movie Guide Wings: ...Like a Neighbor Scorned Chris Elliott and Kelly Coffield guest-star as Steve and Barbara, the new next-door neighbors of Joe (Tim Daly) and Helen (Crystal Bernard). At first, Steve and Barbara seem like the perfect couple, but it isn't long before a few imperfections rise to surface--notably Steve's huge gambling debt, which he cheerfully assumes will be settled by Joe! And back at the terminal, Antonio (Tony Shalhoub) stumbles upon a typographical error that casts a whole new light on the life of his late uncle Bernardo. ~ Hal Erickson, All Movie Guide Wings: Single and Hating It A raging storm traps the terminal gang at a Nantucket singles bar. Having planned to celebrate their first wedding anniversary, Joe (Tim Daly) and Helen (Crystal Bernard) instead feel like outcasts admidst a crowd of unattached bar patrons. To keep on everyone's good side, Joe goes through the motions of proposing to Helen all over again--while elsewhere in the bar, Brian attempts to make time with the female bartender (Stefanie Faracy). ~ Hal Erickson, All Movie Guide Wings: The Gift of Life A careless medical courier has left a package containing a human heart in the termional on Halloween. Once they'd ascertained the package's contents, most of the terminal gang embark upon a frantic search for the missing courier. Most, but not all: Sensing a quick financial turnover, Roy (David Schramm) hatches a scheme to sell the heart to the highest bidder. ~ Hal Erickson, All Movie Guide Wings: Wingless, Part 1 In the first episode of a three-part story, Sandpiper Air's only plane is repossessed. Facing financial ruin, Joe (Tim Daly) and Brian (Steven Weber) try to float a loan from visiting businessman Jonathan Clayton (Mitchell Ryan). Trouble is, Clayton has no interest in making investments. He is, however, very interested in buying Sandpiper outright -- but what will happen to Joe and Brian if he does? ~ Hal Erickson, All Movie Guide Wings: All About Christmas Eve Joe (Tim Daly) and Brian (Steven Weber) find themselves back in charge of Sandpiper Air, just in time for Christmas Eve. To celebrate the occasion, Joe plans a surprise party for Helen (Crystal Bernard), who is out shopping with Fay (Rebecca Schull) and Casey (Amy Yasbeck). Unfortunately, the party may never come up thanks to a malfunctioning time-lock and a pair of feuding siblings (Phil Leeds, Abe Vigoda). Brooke Adams, the wife of series regular Tony Shalhoub, makes an amusing guest appearance. ~ Hal Erickson, All Movie Guide Wings: Wingless, Part 3 In the conclusion of a three-part story, Jonathan Clayton (Mitchell Ryan) is still in charge of Sandpiper Air, forcing Joe (Tim Daly) and Brian (Steven Weber) to dance to his tune. Expected to deliver a progress report to Clayton's board of directors, his son Cord (Jonathan Slavin) inexplicably vanishes from sight, compelling Joe and Brian to speak in his place. At the same time, Helen (Crystal Bernard) learns the real reason behind Cord's disappearance -- and it does not bode well for the Hackett brothers. ~ Hal Erickson, All Movie Guide Wings: Wingless, Part 2 In the second episode of a three-part story, Joe (Tim Daly) and Brian (Steven Weber) have lost control of Sandpiper Air and are now merely hired hands for the new owner, Jonathan Clayton (Mitchell Ryan). When Clayton announces the need for a "big idea" to improve Sandpiper's business, Joe and Brian's longtime business rival Roy (David Schramm) comes up with a "perfect" promotion. As a result, the Hackett brothers end up as tour pilots for the popular country singing duo of Tammy and Nina Todd (Karen Kilgariff, Cynthia Sikes) -- or do they? ~ Hal Erickson, All Movie Guide Wings: Olive or Twist Casey (Amy Yasbeck) wants Brian (Steven Weber) to use the insurance money he's received for his burned down house to purchase a seedy eatery and transform it into a high-end martini bar. Prepared for a spectacular opening night in their new establishment, the couple experiences only disaster when their first customer is injured and threatens to sue. But there's worse to come -- Casey never got around to insuring the new bar, so guess who's got to pony up the dough? Guest star John Melendez is better known to Howard Stern fans as Stuttering John. ~ Hal Erickson, All Movie Guide Wings: Too Beautiful for You Volunteering to work a phone at the Nantucket Suicide Hotline, Antonio (Tony Shalhoub) ends up dating one of the callers, a girl named Elise (Tracy Scoggins). Unable to accept the notion that so attractive a girl would be interested in him, Antonio ruefully resigns himself to being dumped--but he's in for a surprise. Meanwhile, Helen (Crystal Bernard) begins losing customers to a new gourmet lunch-cart service at the terminal. ~ Hal Erickson, All Movie Guide Wings: Maybe It's You MTV's Jenny McCarthy makes her first sitcom appearance in this episode as Dani, the new woman in the life of Brian (Steve Weber). Our hero manfully tries to convince himself that he loves Dani for her mind as much as her body: Trouble is, there's a lot more body than mind! As for Brian's brother Joe (Tim Daly), he is stewing over the possibility that his best friends have snubbed him. ~ Hal Erickson, All Movie Guide Wings: Final Approach, Part 2 In the concluding half of Wings' final episode, the Hackett brothers try to figure out what to do with the 250,000 dollars they've unexpectedly inherited from their long-dead father. Joe (Tim Daly) would like to use the money to improve Sandpiper Air, while Brian (Steven Weber) dreams of an extended visit to the South Seas. And then in comes Helen (Crystal Bernard) with an exciting bit of news. She's been invited to Vienna to study cello with a world-famous teacher. Only trouble is, she needs a lot of money...somewhere in the neighborhood of 250 grand. Several of Wings' writers and producers appear in cameo roles in this series closer. ~ Hal Erickson, All Movie Guide Wings: Escape from New York Heading to New York to attend a performance of the Broadway musical Rent, Joe (Tim Daly) and Helen (Crystal Bernard) are in for the first of a series of setbacks when the box office refuses to validate their tickets. Before long, the couple finds themselves flat broke and stranded in the Big Apple. Resourceful Joe then comes up with a brilliant idea to raise money -- he'll enter a drag queen contest -- or rather, he'll enter Helen as a contestant. ~ Hal Erickson, All Movie Guide Wings: Ms. Write While doing some cleaning, Brian (Steven Weber) stumbles across a pile of love letters, sent to the former tenant of the house. Sight unseen, Brian falls in love with the mysterious letter-writer, whom he knows only as "R." And in other developments, Antonio (Tony Shalhoub) lets his enthusiasm get the better of him when he installs a burglar alarm at the behest of Joe (Tim Daly) and Helen (Crystal Bernard). ~ Hal Erickson, All Movie Guide Wings: Heartache Tonight Rose Marie guest stars as Eleanor, the mother of the irksome Roy Biggins (David Schramm). Nervous about introducing his mom to his new girlfriend, Roy invites Joe (Tim Daly) and Helen (Crystal Bernard) to dinner for moral support -- then must improvise quickly when his girl dumps him! As for Joe's brother Brian (Steven Weber), he manages to sabotage Casey's (Amy Yasbeck) love life by giving her a really bad cold. ~ Hal Erickson, All Movie Guide Wings: Raging Bull*&@! It was supposed to be a friendly boxing match between Joe (Tim Daly) and Brian (Steven Weber) when Joe's actual opponent dropped out of a tournament. But things take a far-from-friendly turn when Joe intends to get even with Brian for making an expensive mistake on the job. This is another of those episodes wherein the viewer is treated to a glimpse of the Hackett brothers' childhood. ~ Hal Erickson, All Movie Guide Wings: Just Call Me Angel During a flight from Las Vegas to Nantucket, the pilots come down with a bad case of food poisoning. Normally, passenger Joe (Tim Daly) would be the first to volunteer to take over the controls; trouble is, he's just as sick as the pilots. Thus it is that Joe's brother Brian (Steven Weber) becomes the "angel" of the day -- and, not surprisingly, Brian's head swells proportionately with the amount of praise he receives for his heroics. ~ Hal Erickson, All Movie Guide Wings: Hosed When a shifty vacuum cleaner salesman (Sam McMurray) won't honor his "eternal" guarantee, Joe (Tim Daly) and Helen (Crystal Bernard) stop making payments. The salesman retaliates by holding the cleaner "hostage" until the couple pays the exorbitant ransom. As for Joe's brother Brian, he finds himself dating Lydia (Kimberly Oja), the niece of his perennial nemesis Roy (David Schramm) -- who thinks that Brian's attentions are an effort to become closer with him! ~ Hal Erickson, All Movie Guide Wings: Let's Talk About Sex Caroline Aaron returns in the role of Mary Pat Lee, popular (and controversial) Nantucket TV talk host. Joe (Tim Daly) and Helen (Crystal Bernard) are thrilled to be invited on Mary Pat's program to talk about "happy couples." Only when the cameras start turning do Joe and Helen realize that Mary Pat plans to ambush them by revealing embarrassing secrets about their sex lives -- secrets unwittingly provided by Roy (David Schramm). ~ Hal Erickson, All Movie Guide Wings: Final Approach, Part 1 Part one of Wings' series finale (originally telecast as part of a single-hour long episode) brings things full circle, as Joe (Tim Daly) and Brian (Steven Weber) once again receive an inheritance from their late father. The festivities begin when the brothers stumble across a hidden 100 dollars with a note promising "there's a lot more where this came from." Following the clues left behind by dear old dad, Joe and Brian ultimately locate a suitcase -- and true to the clue, there's a lot more money inside...a lot more! ~ Hal Erickson, All Movie Guide Wings: Oedipus Wrecks Brian (Steven Weber) is dating Emily (Shannon Tweed), who is slightly older than he. At the same time, Brian's ex, Casey (Amy Yasbeck), is dating Shawn (Christopher Wiehl), who is slightly younger than she. Thing of it is, Emily is Casey's mother! And in a separate development, Joe (Tim Daly) and Roy (David Schramm) struggle to overcome their childhood fear of clowns. ~ Hal Erickson, All Movie Guide Wings: Dreamgirl With Fay (Rebecca Schull) on vacation, the Hackett brothers hire a temporary ticket-tacker -- a gorgeous young lady named Shannon (Samantha Smith). Brian (Steve Weber) is so smitten by Shannon that he can't think of anything else, but Joe (Tim Daly) is impervious to her charms -- or at least that's what he tells Helen (Crystal Bernard). Elsewhere, Casey (Amy Yasbeck) sets herself up for a fall when she helps Antonio (Tony Shalhoub) find a new job. ~ Hal Erickson, All Movie Guide Wings: House of Blues For financial reasons -- and also because they've been evicted by Joe (Tim Daly) and Helen (Crystal Bernard) -- Brian (Steven Weber) and Casey (Amy Yasbeck) move in with Antonio (Tony Shalhoub). Unfortunately, the over-emotional cabbie is even more insufferable than usual due to the fact that his girlfriend has dumped him. Meanwhile, Joe and Helen soon have cause to regret their brief and furtive fling with nudism. ~ Hal Erickson, All Movie Guide Wings: Fay There, Georgy Girl Fay decides to sell off the possessions of her three late husbands, all of whom were named George. In consequence, the ghosts of the three Georges return to haunt Fay and give her what-for her act of "selfishness." Elsewhere, Brian (Steven Weber) and Casey (Amy Yasbeck) go out on a Valentine's Day date despite their breakup, and customer Russell Meany (Taylor Nichols) hires Sandpiper Air to stage a spectacular marriage proposal -- to a girl who can't stand the sight of him. ~ Hal Erickson, All Movie Guide
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