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    BioShock Infinite

    Type: Event | Date: Tuesday, Mar 26, 2013

    The latest "BioShock" game takes you to a floating city in the sky.
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    New 'Doctor Who' monster looks like it stepped right out of Bioshock

    Type: Post | Date: Thursday, Apr 23, 2015

    Who is this metal monstrosity?
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    BioShock 2

    Type: Event | Date: Tuesday, Feb 9, 2010

    Welcome back to Rapture, in this sequel to the mind-blowing art deco experience that was Bioshock. This time, you'll be there to watch as Rapture meets its spectacular end, all the while trying to fight off splicers and remain in command of your valuable Plasmids and Tonics.
  • BioShock 2

    Type: Event | Date: Tuesday, Feb 9, 2010

    You stand in a city on the brink of a historic shift. As a Plasmid test subject for Sinclair Solutions, a premier provider of Plasmids and Tonics, you're one of the many residents of the underwater city of Rapture. But as this city increasingly fails to live up to the promise of its name, you will be forced to use every tool at your disposal simply to fight for survival. Do you have the courage and skills it will take to weather the crisis when an underwater city begins its spectacular fall? Return to the gripping underwater world you first visited in BioShock for a compelling new chapter in the Rapture saga. In BioShock 2, you'll see Rapture at the height of its power, then do your best to live through its subsequent terrifying fall. Step into the shoes of Rapture's citizens to experience the crisis from their perspectives, and fight for control in iconic locations like Kashmir Restaurant and Mercury Suites. Blast your way through the fall of Rapture in exhilarating 1st-person shooter style and engage in a unique multiplayer experience that compounds the dangers and rewards that lie in wait within Rapture's boundaries.
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    'BioShock' creator Ken Levine to pen 'Logan's Run' remake for Warner Bros.

    Type: Article | Date: Wednesday, Jul 31, 2013

    Video game designer is heading to Hollywood
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    Gore Verbinski and Jerry Bruckheimer talk about revitalizing the Western with 'Lone Ranger'

    Type: Post | Date: Thursday, Jul 4, 2013

    Can they do for the Old West what they did for pirates?
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    Verbinski's 'Bioshock' may be dead

    Type: Article | Date: Sunday, Apr 26, 2009

    Universal halts production on live action video game adaptation
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    10 video games that should be made into movies

    Type: Gallery | Date: Thursday, Nov 14, 2013

    "The 7th Guest" is a horror-based puzzle game in which players go t...
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    Juan Carlos Fresnadillo tipped to direct video-game adaptation 'Bioshock'

    Type: Post | Date: Sunday, Aug 23, 2009

    '28 Weeks Later' director replaces Gore Verbinski at the helm
  • Dvd_forecast_bioshock_2_home_top_story

    DVD & Games Forecast: 'Bioshock 2' and 'A Serious Man' top today's releases

    Type: Post | Date: Tuesday, Feb 9, 2010

    Plus 'Dante's Inferno' gets a makeover and Sony releases a double-fistful of bad girl film noir
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